This Week’s Astro-Insights: 24-30 Jul 2017

Mercury into Virgo neutral + web

With the Leo New Moon having reset the lunar month, and plenty of planetary action set for Monday, expect the working week to start off with a bang!

Plenty of written offers and email enquiries are also likely to grace your desk and inbox this week, care of Mercury’s ingress into efficient and business-like Virgo on Tuesday (25th). Don’t be afraid to get specific in terms of your requirements and drill down to the nitty gritty details now – this is something that Mercury excels at when in this zodiac sign.

Before it changes signs, though, Mercury will trine Uranus in Aries on Monday (24th) at 17h33 BST, which could lead to a few surprises before the working day is out. Accidental meetings on the commute home could also prove to be significant.

The only down side to this week’s cosmic weather is that rather awkward Venus-Saturn opposition, exact in the early hours of Monday morning, which could lead to some excruciatingly painful social encounters. Being frozen out by people you thought were your friends is another distinct possibility.

Being spontaneous and honest could help to break the ice. However, if people choose to be overly moralistic or judgemental without really listening to your side of the story, then don’t waste your time  – or breath – it’s their loss…It’s also possible that you may decide to shed a few fake friendships or leave a few online forums or groups now that no longer vibe with you or your beliefs.

A Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo on Thursday (27th) should boost confidence, creativity and energy levels. You’re unstoppable now! Just don’t overdo it! And avoid tipping over into pushy/egotistical territory if you want to keep people on side.


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