This Week’s Astro-Insights – 14-20 August 2017

Mercury Retrograde

We begin the week with Mercury, planet of travel, tech and communications, well and truly retrograde  – a condition set to last until early September.  For many, this is likely to result in delays, mix-ups and/or confusion, especially when it comes to the finer details of deals, discussions or plans.

My best advice: use this time to review, edit or revisit any project already in motion or that has been put on ice, and use past precedent to deal with any pressing current issues or queries that have the potential to jam the breaks on progress or get in the way of making deadlines.

Venus will also be having a bit of an off week. Her tangles with first Pluto (15th) and then Jupiter (17th) could well tarnish romantic plans and suck any of the feelgood factor from social get togethers or holiday plans.

If you find yourself feeling decidedly bad tempered or bummed out about how things are going on the relationship, money or creative front, then it may be a good time to ask yourself if things are sustainable long term in their current state.

If not, it may be time to either call things a day or upgrade your manners/morals/commitment levels in order to ensure that you can continue to meet expectations or fulfil your relationship goals. Make or break decisions will certainly feature pretty prominently in many people’s personal lives over the next few days.

Whatever transpires mid-week, one failsafe cure for the blahs and/or blues will be exercise. In fact, some playful physical exertion, whether on the dancefloor or in private, together with a generous dose of kindness and compromise, should go a long way to banishing many a partnership funk. This is especially true of the 20th when Mars will sextile Jupiter from fun loving and passionate Leo.

See this aspect as the perfect opportunity to inject a dose of fun and laughter into proceedings and let off some much-needed steam before Monday’s solar eclipse, which has all the hallmarks of being a rather intense affair.

To learn more about this event, check out the Eclipses section of my website.


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