This Week’s Astro-Insights: 28 Aug- 3 Sep 2017


Mercury conjunct Mars

After an incredibly eventful week last week, complete with Leo solar eclipse and a rare Jupiter-Saturn sextile, it’s time to spend some time consolidating.

Luckily, the last few days of August should be pretty quiet, giving us all the time and space needed to absorb the dramatic twists and turns of recent events.

However, with five planets located in fire signs, the mood should be upbeat and sunny – a situation that will only increase as Mercury moves to re-enter flamboyant Leo on Thursday (31st).

Make the most of the added confidence and embellished turn of phrase this brings because the planet of self expression and travel won’t linger here for too long, thanks to a change of direction in early September.

Resolve to use this brief interlude to drum up a bit of publicity for a recent success or impress some key people before we return to the no-nonsense energy and obsession with precision associated with Mercury in Virgo.

Before it does, though, Mercury is set to hook up with feisty Mars and quirky Uranus, which should bring a few surprises everyone’s way over the weekend. One possible expression of this planetary combination may be a welcome blast from the past in the form of contact from an old pal.

Keep your mind open when it comes to what seems like an unlikely scenario or proposition – with this series of transits, the impossible may just be possible now. So don’t rule out anything or close yourself off, despite some initial scepticism – or you may just end up missing out.

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