Astro-Insights for 3-10 Sep 2017

Sun trine Pluto

The week gets off to a sluggish start with a murky, somewhat muted Sun-Neptune opposition and a less than perky Mercury, currently slowing down in time for its station at 12h30 BST.

However, don’t let that fool you  – by midweek, things should get decidedly more eventful, thanks to a newly forward-motion Mercury and a Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday (6th). This marks a full lunar cycle since last month’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius, making it as a significant time in which to lay to rest whatever residual energy or lingering issues left over from August the 7th.

Taking place in the 14th degree of Pisces, this particular Full Moon caries with it a beguiling air. It may be time to don a new and interesting persona or use wit, charm, beauty and/or guile in order to get noticed. Get ready to bewitch or be seduced, particularly by anything vintage or antique.

The only thing to watch out for may be a tendency to look back at the past with rose tinted spectacles. Whilst it may be tempting to try and sugarcoat history, choosing to have a selective memory could set you up for a rude awakening later in the month when Mars opposes Neptune. Better to face up to reality than risk disappointment further down the line…

Once that’s all done and dusted, it’s time to undergo a transformation, care of a scintillating Sun-Pluto trine on Saturday (9th). See this as the ideal moment to unveil a dramatic new look or make some important personal announcements. Metamorphosis and reinvention are the key themes this weekend. Ready or not, more shifts and changes are on the way.

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