Astro-Insights for 18-24 Sep 2017

Venus trine Uranus

The feelgood vibes from Friday’s Venus-Jupiter sextile take an unexpected, if thrilling twist on Monday (18 Sep) when Venus joins forces with electrifying, keep-them-guessing Uranus.

Ordinarily you might feel inclined to stay on the sidelines and let somebody else take the risks, but this time, you may actually find yourself being swept away by the excitement and momentum of events.

No sooner do you come down from the giddying heights, then Mercury starts playing tricks with your mind, care of an opposition to Neptune on Wednesday (20 Sep). Indecision and confusion are likely to ensue.

Luckily, a New Moon in precision-loving and sharp-minded Virgo on the same day should help to take the edge off any foggy thinking. This lunar phase ushers in a brand new four week cycle during which you can press the reset button on all health, nutrition and fitness regimes. This is also the ideal time to declutter, introduce better time management schemes or hire a new assistant who’ll be a wizard at organising.

The Sabian Symbol for the 28th degree of Virgo is: A BALDHEADED MAN IN UNIFORM HAS SEIZED POWER. Could this be your new personal trainer or personal assistant? Or is it your inner army general, whipping you into shape mentally and cracking the whip on productivity?

Whatever happens, don’t feel rushed into making important decisions, especially on Sunday (24 Sep) when Mars joins the fray. Chances are you won’t have all the necessary information to do so anyway. Far better to spend the day chilling and meditating. These transits are great for music, painting and daydreaming but not ideal for strategic planning, careful thought or in-depth negotiations.

The fact of the matter is that fate has its own plans for you, as you’ll discover on Friday (22 Sep) when Mercury trines dramatic and uncompromising Pluto. Far reaching but positive changes beyond your control are likely to take matters out of your hands now anyway, so instead of straining against the current, it’s best to go with the flow and allow yourself to be led for now…

Where you end up might not be where you imagined, but it might be a damn-sight better than anything you could have envisioned for yourself. So trust the universe.

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