Astro-Insights for 25-30 Sep 2017

Jup opp Uranus2

This week, thanks to Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, things are likely to get a little bit weird, if not downright shocking, as the outer planets prepare to throw us a few cosmic curveballs.

Just when you felt so sure you knew where you were headed and what you wanted to achieve when you got there, then along come a series of decidedly strange and disconcerting transits to knock you off-kilter and make you question everything…

First up is a Mercury-Saturn square (25th)  – similar in effect to a bucket of cold water being thrown over plans, proposals or discussions. The upshot of this is that Monday afternoon presentations/meetings/business trips are not likely to go smoothly. Expect  bosses and/or VIP clients or the authorities to raise plenty of objections, obstacles and or disapproval your way no. Basically, have a Plan B on hand because otherwise you’re going to need to have a rethink about current strategies.

As if that weren’t enough to ruin your week, along comes a rude awakening on Wednesday c/o a jarring Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Occurring on the same day as Pluto’s station in Capricorn, this transit has shock and awe written all over it.  Your beliefs or perspectives may be forced to alter as a result of events or decisions that occur now. This is especially true of legal and relationship matters. The nest way to get through this is to remain as open-minded as possible about whatever unusual or unforeseen developments occur mid-week.

To top everything off, a Venus opposition Neptune on the weekend (30th) is likely to signal a few romantic or creative disappointments. If people let you down or artistic creations or beauty treatments don’t turn out as expected, then this will probably be why.  Again, I think the key is not to have unrealistic expectations in the first instance because this is just asking to be let down.

Whatever happens, it’s likely that this week will have a surreal element to it. However,  even if things seem to have temporarily disappeared down a rabbit hole,  try not to despair.Thanks to some stunning transits in October, matters should soon regain a more real and tangible air from as early as next week.


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