This Week’s Astro-Insights — 1-8 Oct 2017


Mars trine Pluto gradAfter last week’s shocks, curveballs and disappointments comes a week of major leaps forward, especially in art and matters of the heart, care of potent Pluto.

The planet of empowerment, passion and transformation will join forces with the two planets associated with sex, romance, beauty and vitality, to inject some oomph back into our bodies, love lives and creative faculties.

Taking place in earthy Virgo and Capricorn between Sunday night and Tuesday evening, these uber positive transits have the potential to open up major channels of healing, as well as help us rejuvenate our looks, energy levels and sex lives. So make a note of this window of astral opportunity in your diary – and then schedule a date with destiny!

With both the Sun and Mercury now occupying relationship sign, Libra – and a Sun-Mercury conjunction set for this weekend, the signs are all there that Mr/Mrs Right could be just around the corner…

Alternatively, use this golden time to (finally) book that art class or appointment with your beauty therapist, doctor, physical trainer or masseuse. This is a time for radical shifts and miracle cures, so be hopeful – and then act. Nothing will ever change if you don’t dare to do something different.



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