This Week’s Astro-Insights – 9-15 Oct 2017

sun merc square Pluto

Things are not likely to go to plan, especially in relationships and legal matters, when both the Sun and Mercury come to blows with Pluto on Monday & Tuesday (9th and 10th). Try not to turn into a control freak if people don’t go along with your suggestions or avoid  – if you do, things could get a little intense!

Opposition or criticism, especially in relation to leadership styles, policies or decisions, does not look as though it will go away anytime soon. In fact, when it comes to the career of certain politicians, it looks to me as though it’s a case of ‘kill or be killed’.

For us ordinary mortals, this particular set of planetary movements is more than likely going to coincide with the end of a chapter. Any plans or discussions with current bosses or authority figure are not likely to gain traction – if anything, you’ll probably need to start again  – and with someone new in charge. A change of management seems a strong possibility now.

Luckily, it’s not all bad news this week – Jupiter is also set to ingress into Scorpio on Oct the 10th. It’s time to get passionate and clear about what you believe in. Jupiter here favours wholehearted commitment to a cause, as well as in-depth studies such as ‘immersion-style’ language courses. If you decide to do something between now and next October, then go the whole hog – it’ll bring more satisfaction and rewards than just dipping your toes in the water.

Blocked progress (think traffic jams and , boils and abscesses, and energy crises are all possibilities on the 11th when Mars squares Saturn. A frustrating day this most certainly is likely to be. Think the hare and the tortoise if you want to get through the working day without having a meltdown or temper tantrum.

Far better to wait until Friday the 12th, particularly if you have to travel or meet with VIPs. A Mercury-Saturn sextile on this day should ensure a successful and fruitful discussion.

Even then, there could be a few curveballs thrown your way, care of a Mercury-Uranus opposition on the 15th. Stay flexible and expect the unexpected – that way, you’ll seem unflappable, even if you aren’t.

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