This Week’s Astro-Insights – 15-22 Oct 2017

Sun sextile Saturn

After a difficult weekend, with more than a few surprise twists and turns, things get off to a productive and stable start, thanks to a Sun-Saturn sextile at 12h13 BST on Monday (16th). This aspect is great for implementing plans or strategies formulated last Friday when Mercury sextiled Saturn.

In fact, the Sun will be shadowing Mercury’s movements for much of this week, so expect a replay of last Sunday’s Mercury-Uranus opposition on Thursday (19th) which could lead to some rather unexpected decision and some downright bizarre behaviour – from bosses, parents and other authority figures (Trump’s Twitter feed may be especially controversial now!).  Issues around personal freedom are also likely to loom large within the context of relationships and legal agreements at this time.

The overall atmosphere is also likely to intensify from Tuesday (17th) when Mercury enters Scorpio. People are likely to become a lot more cagey and paranoid about the privacy/confidentiality of their communications under this transit, particularly on Friday (20th ) when the Moon enters Scorpio. Gossip can also become a problem if you are too unguarded in terms of what you say or do now, so take care not to inadvertently give people something to talk about through a careless act or throwaway remark.

Fortunately, the likelihood of this turning into anything serious or potentially damaging should be limited by Mercury’s conjunction with benevolent and open-minded Jupiter at 09h54 BST on Wednesday (18th).  That said, you may want to resist any temptation to exaggerate about your situation or circumstances now because it could end up backfiring on you further down the line…

Far better to be straight up and tell things like they are, particularly at 12h23 BST on Friday (20th) when the Moon conjuncts Mercury – it could well prove to be a major turning point in terms of the way you habitually approach certain key life structures or institutions – something you’ll become aware of on Saturday (21st) when the Moon sextiles transformative Pluto. This is the ideal time to develop more empowering emotional/dietary habits such as cutting out certain foods, unhealthy substances etc

Standing up for what’s fair and asserting your needs within partnerships of all kinds will become a recurring theme from Sunday (22nd) when Mars ingresses into Libra. While it’s good to defend your corner and that of those less fortunate, you may want to avoid the more moany, combative expression of this transit. Using your willpower to redress the balance is one thing, but constantly picking fights or being a whiner are never a good thing. So use the energy of this 6 week influence constructively.

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