This Week’s Astro-Insights – 23-31 Oct 2017

Sun into Scorpio

From Monday, the mood turns decidedly passionate and moody, care of the Sun’s ingress into sultry and mysterious Scorpio. As it does so, it will join Jupiter and Mercury in a stellium of planets in water signs, creating a concentration of focused mental and spiritual energy that can be used to troubleshoot complicated problems, get to the bottom of puzzling conundrums and navigate tricky emotional situations.

The emphasis on Scorpio energy means that it is qualities such as honesty, integrity, intense focus and in-depth probing that will hold the keys to success over the next few weeks.

Trusting your instinct will also be important, especially on the 24th when Mercury trines magical Neptune. At this time, messages from dreams, portentious signs and intuitive hunches are all likely to pay off.

Following in Mercury’s footsteps from last week, the Sun is also set to meet up with expansive Jupiter on the 26th. Not only will this boost confidence levels, but it may also prove to be decisive for leaders, especially those who lead from a sense of conviction or self-belief.

As we reach the weekend, change will once again be in the air as Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 28th. Reassessing key strategies and agreements, and restructuring certain elements of your lifestyle should all pay off. It’s time to shed excess baggage and get both real and practical about what is necessary and what is simply dead weight. It is fair to say, though, that any transitions you make now will ultimately be for the better, so try not to overthink things too much.

The only area that could potentially come in for a beating this weekend will be relationships and pleasureable activities, care of a Venus-Pluto square. Aim to curb excess and moderate your desires or emotions – a ‘less is more’ approach will get you a lot further with others than constantly insisting on getting your own way or oversharing.

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