This Week’s Astro-Insights 1-5 Nov 2017

sun trine nepThis week, the focus will very much be on emotions, relationships, creativity and dreams. Thanks to a Full Moon on Saturday the 4th in Taurus  Рone of her favourite places in the zodiac Рalong with some favourable transits between the luminaries and magical Neptune & romantic Venus, we should have plenty to look forward to in this department.

Although the Sun will still be making it’s way through the intense sign of Scorpio, a trine to easy going and dreamy Neptune trine on 3 November should create a laidback but no less inspired atmosphere in which you can get a lot done creatively. The combination of , of focus and receptivity could well lead to new artistic and spiritual heights. Music should prove to be a great source of comfort and stimulation at this time.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 4th also feeds into this positive Neptunian transit, making it a wonderfully romantic time –¬† excellent for attracting new relationships and enhancing existing ones. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: A young couple walk down main-street, window-shopping. A rather fitting image to represent the ease and companionship found in a fulfilling long term relationship.

Rather fittingly, a Venus-Saturn sextile on Friday creates the perfect window of time in which to make a romantic commitment or flesh out a creative idea. So if you want to be one half of such a partnership, then make it happen today!

However, with Venus also due to oppose unpredictable Uranus over the weekend, you may want to wait a beat before giving anyone your heart, or responding to a proposition, because the other party may, rather annoyingly, and without much warning, change their mind.

So, in summary then: Although the week starts out rather poetically, it could end rather abruptly with a rude shock. Try not to get carried away by unrealistic fantasies, and wherever possible, try to balance your own needs with those of others. Wrap up a building or banking matter at the Full Moon, or just use this peak in the lunar calendar to celebrate nature and sensuality in all its forms. The key is to enjoy whatever comes your way without feeling the need to cling on or possess it. Uranus and Neptune are here to remind us that everything in life is fleeting, so try to live in the moment and enjoy the now in all its fullness.

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