Weekly Astro-Insights – Nov 6-12 2017

Sun sextile Pluto

Get ready for change on a grand scale this week, care of a handful of harmonious transits involving planetary big-hitters, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. You may feel as though the planet, and indeed the global systems that govern our everyday lives, were undergoing a seismic shift – and you’d be right.

Not only are political leadership and /or corporate regime changes likely to be announced, thanks to Thursday’s (9th) Sun-Pluto sextile, but creaking systems could also get a new lease on life on Saturday (11th) due to a rare and stunning Saturn-Uranus trine, which brings with it the promise of some much-needed modernisation. Scientific advances and new forms of technology could well hold the key to identifying reforms that are both achievable and sustainable.

On a personal level, this is an excellent time to push forward with personal change and update any elements of your lifestyle that are no longer fit for purpose. The key is to empower yourself and utiltise your natural powers of persuasion to convince others that the time has come to add a new twist to an old stalwart. Given how positive the energies are now, you’d be silly not to!

As if that weren’t enough, several of the personal planets will also be switching signs. Mercury will ingress into upbeat and expansive Sagittarius on the 5th while Venus is set to enter sultry and passionate Scorpio on the 7th. Striking the right balance between enthusiasm and mysteriousness will not win you support and admiration, but it could also unlock a few scerets now…


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