Weekly Astro-Insights: Nov 12-19 2017


Venus Jup Nep

This week starts out all touchy feeling but then gathers in pace and intensity to a rather dramatic crescendo on Sunday, care of Mars and Pluto. 

Between Monday and Thursday, however, the planets will be granting your dearest  wishes regarding romance, enlightenment and/or inspiration, thanks to a series of intoxicating meetings between alluring Venus, charismatic Jupiter and enchanting Neptune. With so much positive water energy flowing around, it’s fair to say that you won’t go far wrong if you trust your heart and allow yourself to open up to the possibility of greater intimacy and/or closer union with whatever ignites your desires.

Weaving in amongst these glamourous and rather sexy planetary gatherings will be mischievous Mercury. This cosmic sprite seems keen on causing a spot of havoc and confusion on Monday when he squares Neptune. Not the best day to iron out a business contract, travel by water, or try to get a straight answer from your motor mechanic, insurance broker or IT guy.

Instead, wait until Friday when a Mars-Mercury sextile adds more zip, drive and focus to all things written, verbal and/or intellectual. Cars and computers should also work more efficiently and it will be easier to get things done. Keep things simple when to comes to decision-making and legal matters.

In relationships, be honest and straightforward – this will help to build up trust levels before Sunday’s almighty blow-out between Mars and Pluto. This aspect is pretty intense and could result in volcanic outbursts of temper, possibly even violence, so take care and don’t put yourself in harm’s way unnecessarily.

In short, Sunday is not a good day to be too competitive, domineering or confrontational – you may get more of a reaction than you bargained for. My advice: wait until next week’s Venus-Pluto sextile before raising any touchy subjects, expressing outrage or attempting to address difficult or awkward issues. In retrospect, you’ll be very glad you did.


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