This Weekend’s Astro-Insights – Fri 17 Nov 2017

New Moon ScorpioTomorrow’s Scorpio New Moon is set to take place at around 11h42 GMT.

See this lunar phase as an opportunity to start afresh in matters relating to sex, death, taxes, in-depth research, antiques or any kind of restoration work.

The Sabian symbol for the 27th degree of Scorpio is: A MILITARY BAND ON THE MARCH. See this symbol as being about having a clear idea or sense of purpose about the direction of a particular task or plan. Scorpio is all about laser sharp focus – something that can only usually be sustained through strong willpower and motivation.

Rather than vie for position or get involved in power struggles, especially on Sunday when Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, clashes with fiery Mars, see this lunar phase as an oportunity to  set your intentions for the coming month and not be distracted by ego conflicts, violent passions or negative and obsessive thoughts.

Where possible, try to shed bad habts and excess emotion, rather than add anything to the mix. Put aside any need for retribution or revenege and instead get clear about what you can and can’t control. You’re trying to end the year on  lighter, rather than a haevaier note.


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