This Week’s Astro-Insights – 27 Nov-3 Dec 2017

Jup trine Nep

After Sunday’s rather scintillating Mercury-Uranus trine, things get a tad more serious as Mercury hooks up with sombre Saturn at 10h56 GMT on Monday. See this as the perfect time to firm up verbal plans and act on any flashes of inspiration you may have had yesterday, care of brilliant and innovative Uranus. Getting the green light from bosses, or making public statements about important causes are all great ways to work with this transit.

Mercury will turn retrograde in a few days, however, so be prepared to revise or tweak any decisions or strategies devised now over December, or simply allow them to percolate until the new year…

Venus takes her cue from the new month to change signs, ingressing into expansive and tolerant Sagittarius on 1 December at 09h15 GMT.

However, Mars will also create a fair amount of friction and tension on this day when it comes to blows with rebellious Uranus an hour or so later (10h05 GMT). This latter aspect could create sudden and unexpectedly violent outbursts of temper, as well as short circuits on electrical equipment – ones that could lead to fires, so be sure not to leave any gadgets lying around unsupervised, especially those on charge or near flammable materials.

One aspect to look forward to this week-end is the highly poetic and uplifting Jupiter-Neptune trine set for the early hours of Saturday the 3rd. This is the stuff of dreams – especially as far as work is concerned. Jupiter will be within orb of Vesta while Neptune will be conjunct the Part of Profession. The suggestion being that if you feel passionately about a particular project and are prepare dot maker sacrifices, you could achieve great things now.

The 3rd also coincides with the Gemini Full Moon, suggesting the culmination of a period of brainstorming, negotiations and/or analysis. It’s time to stop imagining and start acting.

The only downer may be the Sag Sun, which will square Neptune, suggesting that bosses and higher-ups may try to veto or scupper plans. Alternatively, they may simply not take your proposals seriously enough. If so, don’t give up – just resolve to approach them on another day such as the 13th or 16th when they may be more open-minded. Alternatively, you may choose to go looking for a VIP/investor/mentor with more vision, experience or creative/spiritual insight.


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