This Weekend – Full Moon in Gemini

Dec Full Moon GeminiThis weekend, a Full Moon in Gemini will have us all feeling mindful about the need to do some housekeeping when it comes to tech or comms equipment (are there accesories and gadgets lying everywhere?), or certain ideas and/or modes of self-expression. Around this time, you may also find yourself finishing up a long term writing or editing project, teaching job or consultation gig.

In essence, whatever has become redundant or outmoded should now be discarded to make way for a new injection of energy which we should all receive in the new year, especially around the time of New Moon on January the 17th 2018.

This Full Moon also happens to be a Supermoon – so expect its effects to be amplified over the next 2 and a half days. With so much emotion around and the planet of logic currently AWOL (Mercury is both retrograde and in detriment), it might be difficult to maintain perspective.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon relates to the 12th Degree of Gemini, which is:
A black slave-girl demands her rights of her mistress.

While this symbol obviously points to issues around civil rights and equality which still has resonance in various part sof the world where people continue to be persecuted or discriminated against, it also points to a more humanly universal desire to rise above certain social limitations or personal circumstances. See the next two weeks as the moment to stand up for yourself or others, especially where you feel that others do not show you the necessary amount of respect or treat you in a patronising or domineering way. This is a chance to set yourself free from oppression  – even if it is just those imposed upon you by your own mind – and improve the way you present yourself – or your ideas or thoughts – to the world.

Tomorrow’s highly expansive and inspiring Jupiter-Neptune trine should provide the wing beneath your wings that will elevate you to more rarified realms – far beyond those where smallmindedness, pettiness and judgement reign supreme. For more details about this transit, read my Weekly Astro-Insights predictions.

Sun – Sabian Symbol

Full Moons are very much soli-lunar in nature though – a Full Moon is essentially, in astrological terms, a sun-moon opposition. With that in mind, I thought it worth looking at the Sabian symbol for the Sun at this time to see if it could provide us with more information.

The Sun will be in the opposite sign – 12 degrees of Sagittarius, the Sabian symbol for which is: A flag that turns into an eagle that crows.

This latter symbol has a lot of overtones that seem to point to America – the eagle and the flag, the reference to Yankee Doodle Dandy with the feather in his cap etc. This particular lunar climax happens to coincide with a high point for Donald Trump’s presidency – yesterday his tax reform bill, a key part of his election campaign, was passed through the senate.

However, given the mixed bag of of planetary energies currently swirling, including tomorrow’s Sun-Neptune square, it remains to be seen whether this headline will triumph above others relating to the investigations into his links with Russia etc. This transit is often associated with attempst to undermine leadership, as well as self-destructive behaviour exhibited by prominent or powerful people, so let’s see what comes out in the news and/or Trump’s Twitter feed over the next few days…

On a personal level, this symbol is about transcending narrow points of view and expressing our highest set of ideals without fear or hesitation. At this time, you may find yourself growing ideologically or attaining new levels of insight, wisdom and/or spritual enlightenment. Again, given the pure and uplifting nature of tomorrow’s Jupiter-Neptune trine, you really do have all you need to make enormous leaps forward in terms of consciousness. Just don’t over-identify with your ego (Sun) or use this information to make yourself feel superior to anybody else and the Sun-Neptune square shouldn’t bother you too much.

Have a great weekend!




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