This Week’s Astro-Insights – 4-10 Dec 2017

Mercury trine Uranus

After yesterday’s Supermoon, you might be forgiven for feeling that Monday is just a tad anti-climactic. After a weekend packed with some rare and rather eventful transits, the pause in planetary activity may seem like a welcome respite!

However, from midweek, the planets will once again have us on our toes again. Mars and Saturn are set to join forces on Wed (Dec 6) at 21h21 GMT, which should give us a full 24 hour window in which to make sustained and satisfying progress in important legal, political or diplomatic matters, such as court cases contractual discussions.

With Mercury retrograde, and set to contact both planets between 12h05 and 15h58 GMT,  it is fair to say that this transit will probably be most effective for revisiting or revising matters already begun in the past which may have been held up or postponed until now.

Otherwise, there is a good chance that there may be hold-ups or snags caused by technical issues. Certain key individuals may also not want to play ball right now, perhaps because they think the current circumstances unfair. Still, it’s likely that with hindsight, you will consider any major delays or hold-ups to be fortuitous…

Mars will ingress into Scorpio on Sat (Dec 9) morning, which could certainly raise the temperature in the passion stake,s but could also add a degree of urgency and even intensity to sporting events, as well as any work that involves hard physical labour. Over the next month or so, exercise and heated water/steam could both prove to be ultra cleansing and healing.

On Sunday (Dec 10th), Mercury catches up with Uranus for a reprise of Nov 25th’s trine. Expect more technical or intellectual breakthroughs and/or good news related to events that transpired around this time. Inventiveness, problem-solving and expressing some rather unusual points of view are all possible now.

The only downer is a Venus-Neptune square (Dec 10) – exact at 13h47 GMT – which may coincide with romantic or creative disappointments. Someone you admire could prove to be a tad flaky now. The best thing to do is keep expectations low and have a Plan B – that way, you’re less likely to feel let down if things don’t pan out the way you hoped they might.

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