This Week’s Astro-Insights

Stellium in Sag

11-18 Dec 2017

This week, a stellium of planets is set to gather in upbeat and outgoing Sagittarius, which should make for a very jolly time – just as well it’s the season to be merry! Even Mercury’s retrograde position shouldn’t get in the way of the fun – if anything it should aid anyone trying to return home for the holidays.

From here the Sun will take it’s cue from Mercury and trine Uranus on Saturday (16th) which may bring with it a few surprises on the leadership front, including a few unexpected announcements or last-minute developments. Being authentic and spontaneous, and seizing personal development opportunities that arise out of the blue are all favoured now.

With Full Moon just around the corner, it’s also a good idea to spend this week tying up loose ends. Not long to go now until the end of the year, so knuckle down and get through those to do lists (including Christmas shopping) while you can.

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