Skylights for 8-16 January 2018

Sun Ven Pluto in Cap

This week, it’s time to put all those New Year’s resolutions into action, especially the ones concerning career and success.

The Sun, Venus and Pluto will be constellating in hardworking and ambitious Capricorn, creating a concentration of determined, practical, go-getting energy upon which to draw.

Add to that a series of energising and confidence-boosting sextiles from Mars and Jupiter in focused, take-no-prisoners Scorpio and you’ve got a winning combination of planets just waiting to help you open doors and expand your horizons, starting with Monday’s (8 Jan) Sun-Venus sextile to Jupiter and culminating in next Tuesday’s (16 Jan) mega meeting between Jupiter and Pluto.

Basically, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve now if you put your mind to it. Use this powerful set of transits to charm, persuade and will yourself forward to victory.


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