Skylights for 16-31 January 2018

Jup sextile Pluto

The optimism and growing sense of possibility that gradually built up over the course of last week is set to reach a thunderous crescendo this Tuesday (16 Jan) when planetary powerhouses, Jupiter and Pluto join forces in the early hours to give everyone a huge burst of confidence and the determination to make some important personal changes. If you have been trying to identify the perfect time to transform the structure of your life so that it aligns more with your most fervent beliefs and principles,  then this is your moment!

As if that weren’t enough, a powerful New Moon in Capricorn on the 17th, has the potential to take these resolutions and/or intentions, and catapult them into the future. Be sure to spend some time writing down your goals and/or doing your visualisations/affirmations right now if you want to harness this potent point in the soli-lunar calendar.

Venus will also be hovering nearby at the time of the Capricorn New Moon, so it is also possible that whatever you plan on improving/refining or transforming may also involve love, creativity or money.
This is a time to be practical, determined, disciplined and systematic in the way you choose to go about improving your prospects in these areas, despite any static or disruption that a testy Uranus in Aries may throw everyone’s way over the next few weeks.
But hurry though, because Venus will soon shift the focus towards the fixed signs as she enters quirky Aquarius on the 18th. This move will be echoed by a lunar eclipse in lively Leo on the 31st. Keep an eye on my website for eclipse predictions.
For now, though  it’s time to give substance and form to your wildest and most audacious dreams – don’t waste this opportunity!


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