March 2018 New Moon Forecast

New Moon Pisces

In between March’s blue moon cycle comes a New Moon in perceptive and imaginative Pisces on March the 17th at 13h11 GMT (15h11 SAST) which begins a fresh 28 day phase for the planet.


Pisces rules all things creative and spiritual – especially meditation, yoga, psychic phenomena, film and photography. It is a mutable water sign, so is naturally adaptable and fluid. Think Yin energy in the I Ching system – not initiating but responding to stimuli and opportunities that arise from one’s environment. This New Moon then, encourages us all to be receptive and very aware of what is going on around us. Use the next month to open up to  – and appreciate – what is right under your nose; and become more in tune with the biorhythms and energetic fluctuations of the world around you. Messages and omens could also come to you in dreams now, so stay open to the Universe during the 2-3 days surrounding the Moon’s passage through this sign to see what you might be able to glean.


Interestingly for those who live in the southern hemisphere, the Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Pisces is:

A harvest moon

This New Moon does coincide with the official start to autumn in countries such as South Africa and Australia – it is easy to forget that the equinox, which takes place around March 21 every year, not only marks the beginning of the astrological year in the northern hemisphere, but the end of summer in the southern half of the globe.

Lynda Hill describes the symbolism, as she sees it, around this Sabian symbol:

The ‘Harvest Moon’ is a positive sign, with high energy abounding. The sky is clear and conditions are perfect. It’s a time of fertility and abundance, but it is also a sign that there may still be much work to be done. For now, this can be an opportunity to relax, enjoy, and to conserve strength in anticipation of the tasks ahead. For the time being, you can reap the benefits of the work that’s been accomplished so far. There can be strong feelings of culmination, fertility and fullness. You may feel that it has taken a while to get where you are, and this is a good chance to take some time out to celebrate and reconnect with family and loved ones. Capture this magical moment whilst it lasts, as the energy may start to wane before you know it. However, while it is great now to celebrate the achievements of the ‘Harvest’, it is also a time of self-discipline because the task must be completed or the fruits of one’s labors may go rotten or be wasted. Be sure not to get so carried away in the celebration that you neglect finishing the tasks before you. With all of this light ‘Illuminating’ the night ‘Sky’, take a look around with open eyes and see what can be seen.

Keywords: Situations that are very ripe and full of fruition. Celebrating what you have. Expanded perspective making everything clear. A sense of achievement. Seizing the moment to make the most of what’s possible. Nature’s bounty.

The Caution: Neglecting the tasks at hand because of the appearance of abundance. Achievements waning because of neglect. Wasting energy on inconsequential activities.


Interestingly, there was a Full Moon which fell in this exact degree and sign on 19 Sep 2013, so as with eclipses, it may be worth casting your mind back to this time in you life to see whether you noticed anything ending (this was a Full Moon – this time, it will be a New Moon) which now feels ready to be re-started or continued around about now.

The theme of action versus apathy resulting from ‘too much fo a good thing’ is echoed in the planetary aspects with the Sun and Moon that are set to take place at this New Moon:

Firstly, a trine between the Sun and Moon to Jupiter, which turned retrograde last week. This aspect has a tendency to make people generous and good-natured, but also a little over-confident, self-indulgent and lazy. It would easy to just ‘go with the flow’ now, as is the way of Pisces, but this could lead you to miss out on some potentially enriching and expansive opportunities resulting from past efforts (Jupiter is retrograde). A case of reaping the benefits of earlier good deeds or previous hard work.

Add to this the mutable square set to take place shortly afterwards between the luminaries and Mars in Sagittarius. This suggests either ill-timed, inappropriate or passive-aggressive actions which lead to unneccessary problems or bad feeling. Whilst it is important not to let lucky breaks and chances pass you by, it is equally important not to rush into anything, take too many risks or have the wrong attitude now as well.

Being irritable, impulsive or overly brash could ruin all your hard work. So keep a cool head and refrain from knee jerk or OTT reactions now. The trick will be focus on the fact that Jupiter is retrograde, meaning that your best options and avenues to success will come from reworking or resurrecting pre-existing situations  – think second chances!

If you’re filled with regret about how a relationship, project or job ended, then now is the time to see if Fate hands you a chance or opening to have another crack or do things differently this time.


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