March 2018 Blue Moon Forecast

Full Moon Libra

The month ends with a Blue Moon in cardinal sign, Libra on 31 March at 13h37 BST (14h37 SAST). Read my Full Moon forecast for how to best handle this particular lunar phase.


The dual sign of Libra is very good at finding the middle ground between opposing views or standpoints, which is why it is associated with balance, temperance, justice, peacekeeping and compromise.

Given that March 31 will be a full moon = culminations, climaxes or endings, it seems most likely that this soli-lunar event will coincide with the conclusion or high point in a cycle related to a legal decision, political matter, personal relationship or business partnership. Perhaps it is time to part ways, or take things in a different direction?

On top of the amplified emotions that any full moon triggers, both Mercury and Jupiter will be retrograde, which may make it doubly difficult to see things clearly or make rational choices. It is also possible that a dilemma or issue from the past may return and need dealing with now, in which case, you could find yourself compelled to make some tough choices, some of which may challenge your beliefs or innate sense of right and wrong.


The second Full Moon for March 2018 will fall in the 11th degree of Libra, the Sabian Symbol for which is:

A professor peering over his glasses

Lynda Hill describes the symbolism, as she sees it, around this Sabian symbol:

This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of looking at people as humans and not through the lens of something learned from books. It’s as though the aspects of the rational mind and the intuition require a different kind of focus. Seeing people for who they really are leads to better and kinder relationships, as does dropping judgmental opinions or relying on science or complicated codes of thought for answers. You may need to interrupt your rational mind to realize your intuitive ideas. At times
you may feel like the “Professor” and at other times “The Student”. Having the eyes to see each other in the true light of day is the goal.

Keywords: Different perceptions for different situations. Seeing that others get the message. Glasses and lenses. Observing others. Giving advice. Teachers. The ability to ‘read others’.

The Caution: Egoistic or superior positions that others have a lesser position or intelligence. Distortions of perception or observation. Condescending behavior. Bossy.

Interestingly, the last time there was a lunar phase in this degree, together with Mercury retrograde, was September 2015, so you may want to cast your mind back to this period to search for similarities in terms of situations, themes or issues. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from what happened last time around?


This particular full moon will occur at right angles to a Mars-Saturn conjunction in conservative Capricorn. As a result, you are likely to feel high levels of frustration – traditionally, Mars creates a sense of urgency to act, while Saturn urges us to exercise caution, so you can see the divergence in orientation.

The upshot: it seems highly probable that this full moon, taking placed as it does in Libra, will trigger some tension and flashpoints in relationships of all kinds.  It may also make it difficult to reach an important decision or judgement due to time constraints, pressure from authority figures, or simply conflicting priorities.

Where possible, try to avoid feeling railroaded into taking premature action by over-hasty or uncompromising third parties. If in doubt, do nothing – some favourable aspects to the lunar nodes suggest that things may take the best course if left in the hands of fate, so it might be best to go with the flow of events and not try to hold onto the reigns too tightly.

Saying no or setting emotional boundaries may be another lesson you need to learn at this time, thansk to the presence of serious Saturn. The sign of Libra is renowned for being a people pleaser and for trying to be ‘all things to all people’. Right now, that is virtually impossible, because not everyone is likely to ‘play fair’, thanks to the Sun’s presence in ‘me-first’ Aries, and the prominence of willful Mars in ambitious, (and avaricious) Capricorn.

The key to inner peace and good relations may therefore lie in saying no or setting limits – something that Saturn is particularly skilled at. The key is to do so firmly (Mars/Aries) but gracefully (Libra) – and consistently (Saturn). Sadly, some people need to have the boundaries enforced more than once before they finally ‘get’ or respect them..Sometimes you have to exercise tough love or, alternatively, some restraint if you are usually a giving person if you are preserve your sanity and ultimately, your self-respect. And unfortunately, this may be one of those occasions…

The good news is that doing so will help reintroduce some much-needed moderation and social equilibrium to situations or relationships that are currently out of balance.

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