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New Moon in Aries. 16 April 2018 at 02h57 BST

Monday’s New Moon in fiery Aries represents the chance for a fresh start. Coming on the back of Saturday’s intense and pivotal Jupiter-Pluto sextile, this injection of fresh, uncomplicated energy is likely to be a welcome change of pace for many…


Aries is considered to be the first sign of the zodiac and represents fire, spring, daybreak and all things fresh and new. This is all about the passion, enthusiasm and innocence of youth – and represents that state of unblemished potential before we become aware of all the potential pitfalls that could occur to block our path or mar our sense of optimism about the future.

In terms of zodiac sign, then, April’s Aries New Moon is all about new beginnings, passion and self-determination. Over the next 28 days, then, you may want to focus on what inspires and drives you personally. Use this period to discover what you’re passionate about and then work on introducing more of it into your life. Look out for opportunities to get involved in projects that give you an outlet for this inner fire. This may also be a time for for fresh emotional starts.

Finding positive channels for other, potentially more destructive emotions such as anger, is another way to work with this energy. Channeling it into a new exercise routine or a worthy cause are just two ways to transmute this energy from lead to gold, alchemically speaking. If you feel angry about certain injustices in the world, then now is the time to ask yourself what you can do to change them.


April’s New Moon takes place in the 27th degree of Aries. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.

Given last month’s Pisces Blue Moon, during which both Jupiter and Mercury were retrograde, the theme of this particular Sabian symbol somehow seems pretty relevant. Pisces is all about spiritual visions and the power of the imagination, while retrograde planets offer us the opportunity to review or rectify scenarios or situations from the past. Given all this, it seems as though the New Moon is likely to provide many of us with a chance to resolve unfinished business, particularly anything involving our health, home emotions or family.

The Sabian Oracle describes the meaning of this symbol:

‘Through Imagination, a Lost Opportunity is Regained’ implies an opportunity to set something right that was thought to be gone or past any hope of recovery. The power of the mind and the imagination are the best tools to use to retrieve this issue. This symbol shows that by using creative ideas, the very thing that was ‘Lost’ can be brought back into reality.

Keywords: Harnessing the creative power of the imagination and visualization. Hopes renewed. Second chances. Last minute reprieves. Retracing your steps. Reframing negatives into positives. Being exonerated or forgiven. Retrieving lost things. Making up for lost ground or time.

The Caution: Relying on self-pity. Denying the power of the imagination. Failing to see or act on solutions or opportunities for recovery through apathy or laziness. Going over and over lost opportunities. Finding it impossible to let go. The glass half empty. Failure to appreciate what one already has.


This New Moon is surrounded by a newly direct Mercury in Aries, on one side, and Uranus, in the final degrees of Aries, on the other. In fact, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct Uranus, which is due to change signs for the first time in 7 years next month, so this is a pretty significant moment.

If certain themes have continued to arise for you on a regular basis since 2011, especially concerning your attitudes to change, personal authenticity, new technology, or the current direction of society, then this may be your moment to finally do something different. Will you head the call and take your life in a new, perhaps more authentic or exciting direction?  The choice is yours. When Uranus is concerned, there is always an element of risk involved. But if you’ve thought about this for 7 years, then chances are, you’ll never be more ready to take a leap of faith than you are now…

Coming off the back of Saturday’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile (14 Apr), it’s possible that you may already have made some pretty momentous decisions, in which case, this aspect is merely a formality.

It’s also entirely possible that an outside catalyst, such as an unexpected event, may help make the decision for you – or just give you a big fat wake-up call.

So, if you had any doubts about acting on your heart’s most passionate desires, then this particular New Moon is likely to remove them – for once and for all.

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