May 2018 – New Moon Forecast

New Moon in Taurus neutralNew Moon in Taurus. 15 May 2018 at 12h47 BST

Tuesday’s New Moon occurs on the same day  – and in the same sector of the zodiac – as this month’s headline news: the ingress of Uranus into earthy Taurus. Uranus only shifts zodiac signs every 7 years or so, and was last in the sign of Taurus 84 years ago, so in astrological terms, this is a pretty big deal.

In many ways, this New Moon will act as a prelude to the main event, taking place a few hours before the Uranus ingress on May the 15th. As it does so, it will help us to tune into to the very areas of life and key themes that Uranus will be urging us to reform and change between now and 2025. To get the low down on this important cosmic event, visit my May 2018 Forecast blogpost.


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it’s association with fertility, the green growth of late spring  – a time when many cows calve, which may explain why the sign, which the sun occupies in April-May, is so strongly tied up with bull symbolism. This is probably why the Moon, so redolent with symbolism around motherhood, childbirth and fertility, is considered to be exalted in this particular zone of the zodiac.

Taurus symbolises patience, solidity, consistency, and doing things the traditional way – a practice that is strongly associated with our agricultural past, which requires a close working relationship to the earth, and in concert with the seasons using age-old techniques and wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Taurus is also an earth sign and so concerned with practicality and . Their main focus is on the information and pleasure that they can glean/enjoy through the five senses. Taureans are naturally sceptical of anything too hypothetical, futuristic or theoretical: seeing really is believing for this sun sign. As a result, they are very good at staying grounded and are the go-to sign to go to for a kind but firm reality check without all the sub-text/sarcasm that you might get from, say, a Scorpio.

In mundane astrology, it is concerned with banking, farming, business, money and finances and material security. This is also the first of two signs ruled by Venus and so is also  associated with luxury goods, and the beauty and fashion industries.

Given all this information, it seems likely that the Taurus New Moon will be asking us all to get real about our current physical wellbeing, take stock of where we are financially and generally become more grounded about physical and material matters, including what we eat. This may also coincide with a visit to your bank manager, a kitchen cupboard spring clean, a big weeding session in the garden or perhaps a need to reconsider your current beauty regime or wardrobe – perhaps it is time to make a few adjustments in this department?

Since the Moon rules our inner lives and instinctual natures, the next 4 weeks may also be the ideal time to consider what makes us feel secure emotionally, and consider ways to introduce a modicum of calm and stability to our daily routines. Right now, you have access to an underlying pragmatism and determination, which should help you to overcome bad habits and find more solid ways of dealing with the world.


May’s New Moon takes place in the 25th degree of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

A large well-kept public park

How apt this is! In many respects, Taurean activities such as farming and gardening are both about taming and controlling nature – keeping things well manicured, free of weeds and pesticides and providing the best possible growing conditions for parks to thrive.

However, a park, which is designed for recreational activities, also points to the Venusian aspect of Taurus, which revels in pleasure, leisure and things that delight the senses such as flowers and other ornamental plants.

The suggestion here is to get your house in order, not just for the sake of efficiency, but also so that life can be enjoyed. What si nicer, for example, than sitting and having a drink or barbecue in a neat and well-manicured garden? Especially if you feel you have earned the rest after doing all the gardening yourself!

Blain Bovee also points out that the image of a public park also hints at the hidden work behind the scenes that it takes to keep a garden or public space like a park immaculate:

The funny thing to consider about Taurus 25 is the seeming contradiction between ‘public’ park and the background workers who strive to keep it ‘well-kept’.

A background, out-of-the limelight, motif is assured in this degree placement. But it is also ‘public’. Think of the stage hands for a theatre production. think of the roadies for a music performance. think of those people who find their stage off centre stage.

That is Taurus 25.

Worth considering. For example, good looking people don’t just get that way by themselves – they usually have a team of personal trainers, beauty therapists, nutritionists/personal chefs, nail technicians and make-up artists/stylists at their disposal to help keep them looking fabulous at all times.

The same goes for personal wealth – this is often managed by a whole team of financial advisers, stock brokers, bank managers etc

Much like a farm, palatial mansions and country houses also require a whole bevy of servants to maintain – think Downtown Abbey and you get the idea. Worth considering next time you envy the rich/famous/beautiful. Being fabulous, wealthy and perfect takes work – and often doesn’t come cheap!


This New Moon will contact Mars and Pluto by trine aspect. These two focused and persistent planets recently made a conjunction in ambitious and practical Capricorn resulting in a powerful combination of transformative, dynamic energy that helped many of us push through barriers and cross thresholds. Now, with the New Moon in Taurus joining the party, it is time to apply a similarly determined, no-excuses approach to any new endeavour concerned with the Taurus-ruled themes and life areas I mentioned above.

Of course, to be absolutely sure how Taurus works in your own life, it is best to get your birth chart read by a professional astrologer, who can point out things like house rulerships, condition and aspects of Venus etc in your particular natal configuration. If you’d like a reading, or want to order a personalised natal report, then check out the Astro-Sphere Shop.

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