June 2018 Skylights

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June is unbelievably busy astrologically, which means it’s likely to be an eventful month. In fact, there are so many transits that I can’t possibly cover them all in one post. However, below are my skylights of the best and brightest….

June 2018 Skylights:

1 – 3 June – Venus trine Jupiter and Neptune. Things get off to a fairy tale start, care of a grand trine in water signs involving BOTH benefics – lucky Jupiter and charming Venus – (wow!) together with magical Neptune. This cosmic triangulation brings together the nurturing side of Venus in Cancer, the deep and intuitive aspects of Jupiter in Scorpio; and the sensitive and poetic qualities of Neptune in Pisces. Think great romance – that heart connection that makes an indelible mark on your heart, and creativity that is profoundly inspiring and deeply nourishing. Spirituality that encourages self-care, wisdom seeking and compassionate acceptance and forgiveness is also embodied in this particular aspect pattern.

By the way: Whatever happens now, however uplifting, may run into a few challenges around the 25th of June and  24th of July.  But this is to be expected – after all, the course of true love never did run smooth…

6 -7 June – Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune. No sooner does Neptune break loose from the arms of Venus and Jupiter, then the planet of oceanic feeling is set upon by the Sun and Mercury, who combine forces in cerebral Gemini to encourage us all to over-analyse everything. Try not to ruin the heart-warming, dream-like moments brought about by the water signs by picking it to pieces, or indeed, making light of what happened. Whilst it is important to maintain perspective in any situation, there are some moments which are too precious to ruin with an overdose of logic/criticism, or indeed, the somewhat cynical or offhand opinions of others who think they know better.

13 June – Mercury sextile Uranus. Once Mercury moves out from out of the glare of being ‘under the sunbeams’ and shifts into caring Cancer, it once again finds its sense of fun and spontaneity, helped along by a dynamic sextile to Uranus, now in earthy Taurus. Think unusual climbing or hiking gear, novel food gadgets or 21st century farming or banking technology. If you have a beauty, cooking or growing dilemma, it’s likely you’ll find a clever, forward-thinking solution now. Just don’t mind the grumbles or naysaying of other people on the 15th when Venus decides to pick a fight with Uranus – just tell yourself that she’s just having a bad hair day and ignore her – all will be well again soon.

Worth noting: On this day, Mercury also ingresses into Cancer and there is a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th at 20h45, both of  which signal fresh beginnings and new cycles. Look out for my New Moon forecast to learn more…

15-17 June – Venus square Uranus, Mercury opposition Saturn. If you’re in need of some reassurance or seeking commitment from a significant other, be warned: this weekend is not the time to be pushing the envelope! Mercury in stubborn Aquarius, together with a rather testy Venus-Uranus square in fixed signs, mean that others are likely to baulk if they feel they are being dictated to, however much they may care for you. The bottom line: If you value this relationship, then avoid the prospect of awkward situations or verbal knockbacks and give people their space. Right now, employing reverse psychology will yield far better results, especially with independent types…For now, enjoy this quiet social period – it’s the perfect opportunity to grab some much-needed downtime.

18 June – Neptune stations. Not long after it’s hi-jinks with the personal planets, Neptune turns retrograde. This happens every year at around this time, and is all part of the need to turn inwards and reconnect with your own internal well of spiritual strength and creativity in order to find solace, inspiration and bliss. Between now and the end of November, its time to reflect on past adventures and draw life lessons, comfort and encouragement from recent experience. Nostalgia and a tendency to rose-tint the past are the only possible downsides to this retrograde period. If you have Neptune in your 3rd house natally, or negatively aspecting one of your personal planets, then there is also the potential for confusion and/or unrealistic expectations, so be sure to get somebody else to give you a second opinion/reality check before you make any big decisions.

19-21 June – Mercury trine Jupiter & Neptune. This is one of those ‘cup half full’ periods, thanks to a flowing 120 degree aspect between the planet of communication and Jupiter in deep-thinking Scorpio, which is joined by Neptune on the 21st. If you felt a bit glum on the 16th when Mercury opposed sombre Saturn, then get ready to see the clouds part and the sunshine return. In fact, with Neptune on the scene, there may even be a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it! Life definitely takes on a philosophical slant now. You could find yourself softening your stance with regards to a long-standing family feud or changing your mind about a home renovation project. This is a time to take comfort from family gatherings, and draw strength from family bonds, a lovely home environment, good food and in-depth conversations. Seek meaning in the everyday and see the magic in the little things. This is also a great time to redecorate or remodel your home, add in a basement or conduct research.

As an aside: Finding constant peace and centredness this week may be tricky, however, thanks to some scrappy energy from Venus and Mars. With clashes set to take place between the planets of love and willpower in fixed signs on the 21st, it’s probably best to stay as dectahced as possible and not spend too much time around grumpy boyfriends or drama queen girlfriends – unless its between the sheets or at the gym. Otherwise, expect arguments and plenty of chaos.

21 June  – Happy Solstice! Today the Sun enters Cancer, indicating the midpoint between the seasons of winter/summer, depending on which hemisphere you are in. You now have three months in which to either shed your winter pounds or get out and about and socialise. The Sun’s position here for the next month or so indicates a need to focus on what feeds or sustains you – from family to lifestyle to the food you eat.

23 June – Sun sextile Uranus. This is a day to celebrate your uniqueness and dare to be different. Uranus in Taurus makes a friendly overture to the Sun in Cancer, indicating that it’s time to encourage that slightly odd family member by letting them know that you ‘get’ them and love them just as they are. It is also a day to add a slight twist to a favourite recipe or try a new cultivar of a much-loved vegetable from the market. Novel or unusual accessories could also add a little zing to a wardrobe staple. Add a lick of paint or a decorative embellishment to give a tired or worn out piece of furniture a new lease on life.

Look out for my June lunar forecasts, starting with the Gemini New Moon mid-month…

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