June 2018 – New Moon Forecast

New Moon Gemini neutral

New Moon in Gemini, 13 May 2018 @ 20h43 BST

June’s New Moon in Gemini promises a shift in fortunes. Fresh opportunities and novel solutions to nagging problems could begin to appear over the next two weeks, starting with Mercury’s positive contact to Uranus just before lunch time on the 13th. Life may very take an expected but pleasant turn – for the better!

In my New Moon Forecast, I reveal the secrets of how to take advantage of this month’s new lunar cycle…


June’s New Moon takes place in gregarious, vibey Gemini. As the third sign of the zodiac and a dual air sign, Gemini is represented by the image of the twins.

As you’d expect from this symbolism, astrological events involving this zodiac symbol often involve situations or things that come in pairs. For example, it often appears in charts or personal transits when we have a choice to make. This could be a fork in the road or having more than one option to choose between, but more often than not, it urges us to consider things from dual perspectives. Think about those two’s in the tarot deck, especially the Two of Swords – air represents thoughts, plans and activities involving the intellect while the two is often about making a choice or decision.

It’s association with the month of June, when people are usually at their most gregarious in the northern hemisphere, also chimes with Mercury’s rulership of Gemini, and thus governs movement and interaction  – whether this be the to and fro, back and forth – between two people, poles, parties or destinations. In other words, debate, personal communications, travel, business negotiations, commercial activities involving buyer and seller, as well as the media and politics.

Gemini’s are therefore never more alive than when they are at the forefront of where things are happening, whether this be cutting edge technological developments, th the latest gossip, or breaking news. When Gemini rules the New Moon, we can expect an increase in calls, emails and social activity, many of them bringing new offers or proposals your way, so look out for news from potential employers, clients and business partners.

Depending on which house Gemini rules in your natal chart, it may also bring news from friends or loved ones. This is especially likely to be true if Gemini rules your 11th house, for example. Of course, it could fall elsewhere, such as your 3rd house, in which case you’re more likely to hear from a sibling, neighbour, or indeed, your local motor garage! That’s why it is always a good idea to know your natal chart when reading horoscopes and astrology forecasts…


Given that the Moon rules mothers, motherhood, domestic affairs, the home, habits etc, it is entirely possible that your news or decisions will involve a child, parent, food or household activity. So if you’re waiting to hear about a pregnancy, perhaps the next two weeks will bring good news!


June’s New Moon occurs in the 23rd degree of Gemini. The Sabian Symbol for this is:

Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.

The number three is interesting – in numerology, it is associated with the planet Jupiter and is considered lucky. Of course, in Wiccan folklore, it is also associated with the moon: a popular image of the Moon goddess involves the so-called triple moon symbol of the waxing, full, and waning moon which represent the life stages of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

In the tarot, this symbol often appears in conjunction with images of feminine power, intuition and psychic abilities such as the High Priestess trump card. Interesting then, considering the zodiac sign of this new moon, that she is the second card in the Major Arcana, and is often represented as sitting with a crescent moon at her feet,  in between two pillars – one black and one white…

The imagery seems to point to a mysterious process that occurs in the background, behind (or in fact, in between) the logical left-brain activities that involve thoughts, such as choosing between this…or that…No doubt a reference to intuition and gut instinct. Very often, we won’t make a choice if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and this is something to take into account when making key decisions – ignore the subconscious, so-called second brain at your peril!

The fact that we have three fledglings in a nest in the above symbol seems to point to something that it in its infancy – an idea, plan or project that needs nurturing before it is ready to fly. Worth remembering – the New Moon is good for beginning new ventures, but these may well need fleshing our or further development before they are fully formed and ready to be sent out into the world – preferably during Full Moon, wherever possible!

This Sabian symbol also suggests a sharing of domestic space or family resources – it is three baby birds sharing a nest, after all! So, on another level, this image may concern issues around sibling rivalry, the sharing out of a legacy between children after a parent dies, or even the shared responsibility of conserving joint resources wisely.

Lynda Hill offers the following keywords as starting points for pondering the meaning of 23 Gemini in your own life:

Keywords: Integration of spirit, soul and body. Discovering a whole new sense of being. Being high up and detached. Nests and tree houses. Sibling rivalry. Working at getting along.

The Caution: Wanting to fly before being ready. Psychological immaturity. Dependence on externals for survival. Being stuck in a domestic situation. Making big compromises.



The New Moon will fall very close to the location of the fixed star known to us as Capella, which means ‘little goat’ or ‘she-goat’.

According to Vivian Robson, when the luminaries conjunct this star, it can result in what we refer to as ‘too much information’ – having verbal diarrhoea, speaking without thinking or just giving away far too much. Interestingly, Donald Trump has his Sun here – one wonders what’ll happen at the summit in Korea…

It may also be a good idea not to be too nosy or ask too many invasive or personal questions of others now. As the saying goes, ‘Curiosity killed the cat’.

It is also said to symbolise sarcasm, domestic quarrels, gossip and a great many trips or voyages.


Although the New Moon itself won’t make any aspects to other planets, we do have a dynamic and stimulating sextile taking place between Uranus and Mercury, which will be hovering near to the luminaries in the early degrees of Cancer.

In fact, Mercury will ingress into this maternal sign in the early hours of the 13th – so just a few hours before New Moon – another reiteration of the combination of mercurial and lunar energy that seems to be so prominent at this New Moon! Having your wits about you during periods of high emotion, and learning to combine logic with intuition and consideration for loved ones both seem to be a big theme right now – so take note!

This is going to be especially important today as events are likely to happen at a fast pace and quite unexpectedly, thanks to the Mercury-Uranus sextile, so you need to stay on your toes.  Although you may be required to respond relatively quickly, it’s worth stopping to check in with your gut before committing yourself to anything.

The Moon urges caution and a decidedly more yin than yang response – and with Mercury and Uranus now in feminine signs (Taurus and Cancer) that’s worth bearing in mind. Unlike the radioactive and unpredictable energy of Uranus in Aries, the ingress of this planet into earthy Taurus requires a totally different, somewhat more zen approach….

Still, the good news is that, whatever offers, news or developments do occur now are likely to work out well between now and the next new moon, so keep an open mind and adopt a positive attitude to whatever crops up. Although things may end up getting delayed when Mercury opposes Saturn (16th), around the solstice, when Mercury forms a grand trine to Jupiter and Neptune,  you’ll be glad you did! For more details, read my June Skylights.

To be absolutely sure of where this New Moon will bring about new starts in your personal life, it’s always best to get your natal chart read by a professional astrologer. Their skill is in pulling together the disparate and sometimes conflicting parts of your story into a coherent whole, and highlight key themes for you, both current and ongoing. If you’d like a reading, or want to order a personalised natal report, then check out the Astro-Sphere Shop.

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