June 2018 Full Moon Forecast

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June has been a bit of a mixed bag astrologically, so it should come as no surprise that the full moon which rounds off this topsy turvy month has an edge to it. Read my forecast below for more details…


June’s Full Moon, which takes place in serious Capricorn, brings with it some fairly heavy emotional baggage to unpack, deal with, and then hopefully resolve for once and for all. Traditionally, the Moon was considered by ancient astrologers to be in detriment in this sign, no doubt because Capricorn, which sits on the opposite end of the zodiac to the Moon’s natural home, Cancer, is not terribly good at dealing with feelings. This sign is the stiff upper lip personified. Think Victorian family norms, and the British who place great virtue on keeping calm and carrying on…and you get the picture.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and as such, prefers to deal with practical matters. It also has a liking for accumulating money and assets that will stand it in good stead an dprovide a modicum of security during old age – a period of life over which it rules. As such, Capricorns tend to be quite conservative, tend to be savers rather than spenders, and are usually natural conformers, preferring not to rock the boat,; instead, steadily prefrring to work their way up to becoming it’s captain…

Indeed, this is the sign of the dedicated, diligent and loyal manager who will often put aside his own needs for those of his master, but not without ultimately expecting something in return. One mustn’t forget that Capricorn also represents the ambitious social climber and the career civil servant – the silent power that often lies behind the throne (but who is usually merciless with his underlings). After all, this sign may be subtle, hardworking and understated but it is cardinal and so likes to be in charge, or at the very least, to exert power, even if it is soft power. Think Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall and you will understand what I mean. Interestingly, this aspect of Capricorn is further emphasized by the Sabian symbol which rules the degree of this particular lunar phase, which happens to be 7 – another Saturnian-Capricron number.

Further emphasizing this Capricorn energy is the planet Saturn, which will feature strongly in June’s full moon mix (and, incidentally, also did last month), making it quite a heavy and serious affair.

The result is that this full moon may end up bringing you face to face with some important and not very easy decisions concerning familial obligations, domestic responsibilities or lifestyle choices. Rather than try to shirk them or lament your fate, it may now be time to ‘act like a grown-up’ and deal with them head on; and in so doing, hopefully take charge of the situation for once and for all, rather than let it hang over you like some dreaded sword of Damocles.

This is very serious stuff, so brace yourself.


June’s Full Moon will take place in the 7th degree of Capricorn. The number 7, as I mentioned before, is associated with the planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn. That is why you will often see the 7 person described as ‘wise and serious’, a thinker, a loner  and a seeker after truth – rather apt, as it turns out, because the Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

A veiled prophet of power.

Such a symbol evokes images, not of our modern trendspotters and social historians, but of prophest such as Ezekiel and of poets like William Blake and TS Eliot who spoke in riddles and wrote in verse, veiling their prophecies about the fate of humanity in symbols that need decoding. Can you think of any modern songwriter, poet or visionary artist that does the same? If so, it may be time to heed their warnings.

Lynda Hill adds another element to this image: she  extends the description of the image to include a prophet who is ‘seized by the power of a god’. In ancient Greece, people would visit sanctuaries such as the Oracle of Delphi in order to seek advice from the gods such as the sun god, Apollo (or whoever the presiding deity of that particular place was).

The interesting thing is that they would receive the answer to their question, not directly from the god, but via a temple priestess called a ‘pythia’, who would go into a trance and then ‘channel’ messages from the gods, much like a psychic medium in a prcoess referred to as ‘prophetes’. However, this message would then be deciphered or interpreted by a second individual, a priestess, who would ‘translate’ the message for the individual and show how it was relevant to their question. The Greeks called this process ‘mantike’. So the oracle process was two-fold – inspired messages borne from the possession of the Pythia by the god which were then ‘decoded’ by a second individual using their logical and intuitive faculties.

Of course, this begs the question as to whether anything ever got lost in translation, or whether  the message was ever manipulated for less than altruistic reasons, or simply changed as a result of error or misunderstanding. Which brings us to another aspect of this particular image:

The ‘Veiled Prophet’ may be someone who holds the key to questions that need to be answered. They can be a mouthpiece for the agenda of others, or, someone who’s words hold a great charge. However, there’s a need to be cautious as well as receptive; one needs to check the integrity or source of this message or information. 

So, unless you are able to speak directly to the ‘horses mouth’, it may be worth considering what motives may lie behind whatever information or message you may receive at this time. Indeed, both the beauty and the trouble with symbols is that they are very much open to interpretation. And it was Heraclitus who reminded us that:

The oracle neither conceals, nor reveals, but indicates. (Plutarch, Moralia 404D)

Something worth bearing in mind when you visit a psychic or astrologer. It is very gard to predict the future, not least of all because free will also has the power to affect the outcome of any given situation. Fortune may smile, but it is for the individual concerned to then act and make the most their good luck. The best anyone can hope for from a reading is some clear signs, pointing you in the right direction – the rest is up to you. Accuracy, then, is a bit of a misnomer really.

The Sabian Oracle provides the following pointers on how to start thinking about this particular symbol:

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channeling and medium-ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation and propaganda. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Denying expression. Blurting out things that hurt or alienate. Barging into others’ conversations. Leading people astray with exaggeration or lies. False impressions.


At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon will be separating from a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn. The double whammy of Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, its ruler, suggests that, rather than get all self-indulgent and ‘let it all hang out,’ it may well be a time to choose one’s words carefully and soberly consider the consequences of any particular choice before making any decisions or pronouncements.

On the other end of the zodiac is the Sun in Cancer, which very much concerns emotional expression – telling others how you feel. And as if to emphasise this, the Sun will be conjunct the fixed star,  Mirzham, which according to Bernadette Brady, is about having one’s say…However, while the Sun may be urging us to have our say, it will be in opposition, both to the Moon and Saturn, so rather than act out or be an ’emotional child’ (and let’s face it, the extroverted, masculine energy of the sun is not well-suited to the watery, introverted territory of it’s nocturnal counterpart, the moon), the message seems to be to take a deep breath, choose your words wisely and only speak when necessary. No verbal diarrhoea when Saturn is around, please!

At this time, then, be open to messages or ‘signs’ but also be super careful and use/consider the meaning of words very carefully before speaking, acting or taking what others say ‘as gospel’.

You could see this as continuation of last month’s full moon message, which seemed to urge us all to be a little zen-like, and take a somewhat cooler, more matter-of-fact approach to situations than we might do ordinarily, no matter how fraught or challenging they might be.

Saturn is the ancient Lord of Karma, and as such, it’s not beyond the relams of possibility that  a few cosmic chickens may come home to roost around the time of this full moon. Although this may not be an altogether pleasant prospect, you could take comfort from the notion that the karmic chickens may not end up belonging to you, but to someone else who may have wronged or hurt you in the past. Some consolation at least, then of a cosmic rebalancing…

So too, is the hope of emotional catharsis. Indeed, at this time, you my be able to finally let go of an old and recurring karmic theme or emotional pattern that may have been plaguing you for some time. Saturn, after all, is about paring back – getting down to the bare bones and stripping away anything superfluous in order to regroup and start over. So, if you plan to do any full moon rituals, this may be an area to look at more closely. Take back control and decide what unconscious, physical or dietary habits and/or psychological patterns you want to shed. Then write them down, bless them with love and burn them, bury them or throw them into the sea – whatever feels most appropriate.

May the force be with you!


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