July 2018 Eclipse Forecast

SOLAR ECLIPSE CANCER 2018 UKThis Friday,  the next installment in the 2018 Eclipse Season gets underway with a solar Eclipse in Cancer.

This eclipse is rare and unusual for a number of reasons.  Firstly, as I’m sure many of you will have noticed, it occurs on Friday the 13th.

Now, one of the events purported to have contributed to making this particular day unlucky was the arrest on Friday the 13th of October 1307 of several key members of the famous Knights Templar as part of a ‘crackdown’ on their so-called heretical practices (although we now know that this was a smokescreen for King Philip of France to try and seize their assets…) Perhaps by sheer coincidence, it just so happens that the day before, there was a lunar eclipse in Aries – and quite a nasty one at that! ( The Sun and Moon formed a T-square with militant and destructive Mars.) So perhaps it was the lunar eclipse  – no doubt still considered a powerful omen at the time – which added a certain cosmic charge to this particular incident.

However, I should point out that I am not particularly superstitious about the number 13 – it reduces to the very stable number 4.

Furthermore, the July 2018 eclipse is:
a) A solar eclipse, not a lunar one; and
b) These eclipses are not part of the same Saros family – the 1307 eclipse formed part of the 18 North series – this one is belongs to Bernadette Brady’s 2 Old North Saros family. More details on this Saros Series in my eclipse forecast.

The second reason that this eclipse is unusual is that it occurs one month before a SECOND solar eclipse, this time in Leo. So rather than initiating a new six month cycle, it instead sets in motion a FOUR WEEK window in which to do some important inner work.

And judging by the nature of the Saros series and planets involved, this is likely to revolve around themes of death/separation/endings/catharsis and rebirth/reinvention/redemption.

Dramatic? Maybe. Intense? Definitely!

But – and here’s the big but: it also contains within it the seeds of healing and transformation….

See as it a bit of a cosmic colonic (a very Plutonic metaphor) – a clearing out of your emotional innards to make room for a much more nourishing and flourishing time, starting on August the 11th.

So get ready, people. This rollercoaster ride calls for bravery and a willingness to accept what you can’t control – because Fate definitely will have a hand in whatever happens now. The key is to accept and welcome in change – because the signs are all there that it’s pretty inevitable.

For full details and an in-depth analysis, read my July Cancer Eclipse forecast. Up now!

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