Sept 2018 New Moon Forecast

New Moon in Virgo


After an eventful and dramatic summer, things shift gear. With a slew of planets moving into earth signs, and a New Moon in practical Virgo, the emphasis over the next few weeks will very much be on getting back into work or study mode. It’s time to haul out that notepad and start making some lists… However, it’s certainly not all dullness and duty – this new moon also keys into next week’s Jupiter-Pluto sextile, so expect to factor in arrangements that just may involve a dramatic new start!


September’s New Moon will take place in helpful and discerning Virgo. Although usually the most modest and least ambitious of the earth signs – the knowledgeable librarian or super efficient PA organising making very useful suggestions or keeping the wheels turning in the background – this particular New Moon may be slightly more dramatic than usual (but we’ll get into that in the Aspects section below.)

Other Virgo themes which could make an appearance between now and the next 28 days is that of:

  • Details, as opposed to the big picture
  • Hygiene, health, nutrition or wellness
  • Service, helpfulness, getting assistance
  • Criticism, editing, polishing or perfecting
  • Precision, accuracy, fact checking


The September New Moon takes place in the 18th degree of Virgo. Rather spookily, considering that Pluto factors into this particular moon phase, the Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

Two girls playing with a Ouija board.

This symbol brings to mind the famous Fox sisters from New York who popularised psychic mediumship with their seances in Victorian America. However, the question doesn’t seem to revolve around whether or not the girls are genuine or not, but rather o the fact that they are experimenting with the notion of entering into a dialogue with the spirit world.

More and more people such as Andreas Weber are beginning to talk about the idea of being in relationship with the world, and of life being a series of dialogues or interactions with other beings, including those that are ‘more than human’.

Without attachments, no life. From cell division to child rearing, we can understand all processes in the biosphere as processes of relationship—and we can learn from them. In these processes, two different positions must be brought into balance such that something altogether new emerges, something that both contains and completely redefines everything that preceded it. This connection of two (or more) different positions in a common cause—one that remains full of contradictions—is perhaps the most general definition of an ecosystem. It is also the precise description of a loving attachment.

This New Moon seems to be suggesting that we need to open ourselves up to a dialogue with the world – the spirit world in particular, whether through tarot, astrology or a seance, and see what messages we get back.

The key here will be discernment in order to avoid any form of deception or delusion. Virgo is very good at being choosy and not settling for anything less than precision/perfection – something that appears to be important at this time, especially given that the Sun and Moon will be coming off of an opposition to nebulous Neptune just prior to their conjunction, which can lead to confusion or disappointment.

The Sabian Oracle provides a few more pointers on how to start thinking about this particular symbol in relation to the New Moon:

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channeling and medium-ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation and propaganda. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Denying expression. Blurting out things that hurt or alienate. Barging into others’ conversations. Leading people astray with exaggeration or lies. False impressions.


This New Moon will be making a minor grand trine in earth signs to Jupiter and Pluto – two planetary big hitters concerned with change and expansion who will be sextiling each other on Tuesday.


This points to small but significant psychological decisions, intention-setting exercises or habitual changes that, a rather like the butterfly analogy we hear about so often in relation to chaos theory,  leads to a complete paradigm shift.

Jupiter and Pluto don’t do anything by halves – they very much belong to the category of planetary ‘whole hoggers’ who are very much about ‘go big, or go home’ energy. Jupiter also happens to be in the sign ruled by Pluto – Scorpio, which makes this quite an intense but also potentially profound time.

Given that the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Part of Water Journeys, this may be connected to a cruise or boat trip of some kind.

My advice would be not to worry about being too deep or too serious, especially when it comes to your beliefs. Over the coming 28 days, don’t be afraid to have the courage of your convictions or be a little earnest. If you are as precise and as scrupulously diligent as you can about doing your research, getting the details or facts right (especially because Neptune’s interference could blur the boundaries a little bit), and then using tools such as lists to carefully weighing up your options, you really stand to make an impact, particularly when it comes to psychological or spiritual matters.

Seek guidance if needs be (see the Sabian symbol) and then when you become clear, act! Things could be very different in your life when you look back in a month’s time. Why wait when there’s such potent energy around designed to help you push through obstacles to change.

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