Equinox 2018 Full Moon Forecast


The September 2018 Full Moon takes place soon after the equinox, marked by the Sun’s entry into Libra. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this is likely to coincide with a time of consolidation and a need to shed anything that may weigh us down or take up too much in the way of inner resources before the lean and introverted winter months arrive. It’s time to seek more balance between me and we, between our solitary and more gregarious sides, and between self and others. Read my Full Moon forecast below to learn more …


The September Full Moon, takes place in fiery and go-getting Aries, which can be impatient for action and tends to engender a ‘me-first’ attitude. In marked contrast to last month’s Pisces Full Moon, which was all about selflessness and service, this Full Moon is all about how to reconcile the urge to put oneself and one’s needs first with the need to engage with, and relate to, others. Giving and receiving, self vs. others, cooperation versus competition – these are all themes likely to be highlighted now.

Aries is strongly associated with drive, self-preservation and self-love. It’s a cardinal, forward-focused sign that thrives on action and progress. As a Moon sign, it can lead to a warm, uncomplicated but fiery emotional disposition that is straightforward and honest but doesn’t have much time for those who are perceived as weaker or less resilient. Whilst this can act as a good counterpoint to a personality that is too nice or overly sympathetic, it can also create a selfish attitude if not kept in check.

Other qualities associated with Moon in Aries include: self-regard, healthy ego, independence, warmth, passion, emotional honesty, psychological resilience, but also insensitivity, selfishness and impatience.


September’s Full Moon takes place in the 2nd degree of Aries and Libra. The Sabian Symbol for these degrees are:

Aries 2: A comedian entertaining the group.

Libra 2: The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.

So, let’s look at each of these symbols in turn.


This symbol points to the inner comic in all of us – that child-like ability to make mistakes and then laugh about them, and to be less serious in general about life. As you get older, this can be harder to do but energetically, what it does is create blocks to flow and can often stop you from seeing solutions to problems, or in simply maintaining perspective when it comes to sweating the small stuff – something we will all be familiar with after the Sun and Mercury’s recent tour through pernickety and sign of the worry-wort, Virgo.

As you will see from this month’s soli-lunar aspects (below), we have a choice at this particular Full Moon – get stuck psychologically due to a fixation with so-called ‘grown-up’ ways of thinking, or invite in what Fate brings and make lemonade from lemons. Seeing the lighter side of life – and by extension, our problems – may just be the shot in the arm we need to re-ignite our love of life and set us on a path to greater connection and support than we might otherwise feel from others, especially friends and loved ones. More on this below when we look at aspect patterns.

Other themes from the Sabian Oracle for this degree include:

Keywords: Seeing the funny side. Having insights. Always being on the ‘go’ mentally. Putting on a show for others. Having presence and charisma. Being the life of the party. Banter. Cracking up with laughter. Ragging each other. Humorous interplay. Saying what the group wants to hear. Jokes. The buffoon. Inside jokes. The jester.

The Caution: Being silly or trivial to avoid reality and gain acceptance. Feeling separate because of different views. Not seeing the light side. Being a bore with many irrelevant things said. Being flippant and insincere. Not being amused. Demanding the spotlight. Feeling responsible for how others feel. Not knowing when to stop. Not having good boundaries.


The second Sabian symbol raises an issue inherent in the New Age movement that I feel needs to be acknowledged but rarely is, and that is its essentially theosophical basis. The origin of the symbolism found in the Libra 2 Sabian image lies in a set theories concerning the Seven Root Races of Man originally put forward in the 1880’s by the founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Helena Blavatsky, in her well-known book, ‘The Secret Doctrine’.

In the book, she claims that the history of the human race is actually a grand evolutionary scheme made up of seven ages or epochs known as ‘root races’: stages in human evolution, each dominated by a particular culture or society. She adds that some of these were mythical civilizations based on lost continents such as that of Atlantis or Lemuria. Modern society was considered to be part of what is known as the fifth era or ‘globe’ – a stage that thought would end in around the 28th century when it would be replaced by a new level of consciousness that would arise in parts of the United States and Australia…

This, in turn, would give way to the seventh and final epoch. Hence, the ‘Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh’. (Daniel Hindes and Olav Hammer both offer more detail about this topic if you are interested.)   So the root races of man then, is where the notions underpinning our Sabian symbol come from. Marc Edmund Jones, who developed the oracle in conjunction with the medium, Elsie Wheeler, was known to be familiar with Blavatsky’s ideas, so the link seems almost certain.

Although we may not consciously follow the teachings of theosophy today, it is worth noting that the idea of planetary ascension so prevalent right now in New Age thought, actually has its roots in this particular theosophical concept. how so? Well, Blavatsky also believed that, at the end of each globe/era (or spin of the group karmic wheel) the previous soul group would ascend in spirit from the earth, to be succeeded by incoming souls from the next wave of incarnation, who in turn, would receive/inherit the wisdom and knowledge of the previous civilisation through channellings from avatars and advanced souls known as Ascended Masters – ‘Great Masters, or Adepts, who, she asserted, had perfected themselves and were directing the spiritual evolution of humanity’.

(As an aside, this was later cast into doubt by a scandal following an investigation by the SPR (Society for Psychical Research in 1884 when ‘a former employee and confidant accused her of faking the extraordinary phenomena that accompanied the reception of some messages from the Masters’. But that’s another topic altogether…)

OK, so what does this mean for the September Full Moon?

Well, this Sabian symbol is clearly associated with a time of new beginnings and the dawning of a new cycle, system or way of being – in other words, a fundamental shift in consciousness. But does this mean we should completely let go of the old? Or are there valuable lessons, wisdom and connections that we want to take with us from the past into the future? This is a very good question. After all, in Blavatsky’s model, what fosters ongoing growth is the seeding of the old into the new with a view to refining/improving on this going forward.

If we consider that astrology is all about cycles, then it seems natural to assume that growth is not always linear and that sometimes we need to return to a particular situation, feeling or state from the past in order to deal with a theme that is repeating in a present situation. Or take forward knowledge from the past to preserve for future situations or generations.

Lynda Hill suggests that:

There’s a need to be with or communicate with people who have shared visions and hopes for the future. We have a choice: the fruits of past experience can bring either light or dark to the present.

What will you choose?


The Aries Full Moon will see the Sun and Moon making two aspect formations, one positive and one negative, to the nodes and Saturn, suggesting a fork in the road psychologically/karmically for many of us. The question at the root of this crossroads seems to be: Which lifepath do you want to follow: The hard one that involves blocks in your path and suffering, or the one that involves more joy and flow?

Let’s take a look in more detail at each to see what I mean…

  • First up, the Sun and Moon will form a CARDINAL T-SQUARE to Saturn, planet of karma, old age, responsibilities, boundaries, limitations, time and obstacles. This aspect pattern is made up of two squares and an opposition, and so is generally considered to be fairly tense and stressful. The focus of this T-square  – the point of the triangle, is Saturn in Capricorn, which recently turned direct (6 Sep 2018) after several months of retrograde motion. Saturn is strengthened in its own sign of Capricorn, making it pretty formidable – when one looks at the essential dignities of all the planets, we find that it is by far, the strongest of any of them, so is worth taking note of. It could therefore symbolize either a block in your path, or some form of inner resistance to moving forward.

    In general, Saturn tends to encourage us to avoid risk, pare back financially and/or remove excess baggage, rather than acquire more responsibilities or sign up to new things, so its possible that at this time, you may feel forced to cut back your spending or say no to new offers or projects. The opposition between the Sun & Moon suggest that this be motivated out of a need to achieve a better work-life balance, improve the quality of your work, or to make more time for R&R and/or loved ones. Much will depend on where these planets fall in your natal chart, but the tension between Libra and Aries at heart is about self versus others, me versus we – and how to find a balance between these two conflicting but equally important parts of our lives.

    Saturn is also about getting real, and in some ways, this Full Moon may be about coming back down to earth with a bump.

    In order to focus in more clearly, it’s useful to look at the exact degree in which this Ful Moon takes place – in this case 2 degrees of Libra and Aries. Taking the Sabian symbol for the 2nd degree of Aries into consideration, it’s possible that the T-square may also point to areas of resistance – blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. Have you reached some form of crossroads in your life or felt stuck for several months? Do you feel compelled to make some hard choices? if so, then this may be a sign that Saturn is prominent in your life right now and needs to be worked with.

    Saturn is very serious and when afflicted, it can make it difficult for people to relax and have fun, leading to behaviour that makes us seem older than our years. It can also give us a bleaker outlook on a situation than may be necessary – Saturn can be a bit of a martyr and a sucker for punishment, stoically sticking things out when there may actually be a simpler solution. If this is the case, then you may want to consider how to lighten up or inject some humour into the way you view certain situations or people. Doing so could lead to a shift from heavier to lighter frequencies which in turn, could create movement in areas that may have seemed stuck for a long time. The key will be to balance the need for personal progress and development with consideration for others in order to make sure that, in your rush to move forward, loved ones don’t get left behind…

  • The second aspect pattern activated by the September 2018 Full Moon is a MYSTIC RECTANGLE that pulls in the luminaries together with the lunar nodes through a series of trines and sextiles.

    The nodes are currently transiting through Leo and Aquarius – the same zodiac axis we experienced during the recent eclipses, so expect themes from then to return. In esoteric terms, the nodes are about karmic lessons and energy releasing, suggesting that if you need to do some energy clearing now and get rid of long-standing behavioural patterns or belief systems inherited from your ancestral line, then this is an excellent time to do some soulwork.

    There to aid the clearing process will be Mars, which is conjunct the south node in Aquarius. Mars is all about physical vitality and kinetic energy, so bodywork healing is likely to be very successful at this time, as is anything that involves physical movement such as yoga, martial arts or dancing. Mars is also about passion and anger: two energies that need to be channelled constructively if they are not to get in the way of healing or spiritual development. worth bearing in mind at this time, although one should never under-estimate the power of anger as an awakener – it is often the vanguard of the ‘bullshit detector’ and that is never a bad thing to have working in this age of ‘post-truth’ and so much misinformation.

    With the north node in Leo, it may be a good idea to separate from the herd for a while and march to the beat of your own drum, if this feels more authentic. Sometimes the small voice inside us can get drowned out in the noise of the crowd and so taking some time out occasionally to hermit and reconnect with this innate wisdom of the heart is no bad thing.

    The healing aspect of this cosmic configuration is emphasized by Chiron, which will be conjunct the Moon, pointing to the potential for psychological or emotional breakthroughs. Learning from your own experience and compassion arising from your own suffering are both gifts that Chiron could bring to you at this time – if you can open your heart and humble yourself enough to receive them.

    The cerebral and communicative aspects of this aspect pattern are further highlighted by a conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, both in relationship-oriented Libra, which highlight communication and attitude shifts towards relating. The key will be to allow the wisdom of the heart to take precedence over that of the head – Mercury will still be ‘under the sunbeams’ and so working a little blind. Allow this temporary dimming of one’s outer sight to help still the mind and see with your inner eye, rather than allowing more powerful or charismatic types to overwhelm you, as the light of the Sun has the potential to do if you let it.

In essence then, this Full Moon is all about making choices – about what you want to let go of and what you want to carry forward with you into the last quarter of the seasonal year. A lot has happened in the last few months, so taking the time to process and sort through what has worked, and letting go of what hasn’t, is certainly no bad thing. The key will be to balance our need for freedom and self-fulfilment with our equally valid need to connect and ask for support when we need it.

May you find the answers and healing you seek.

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