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FULL MOON  in TAURUS, 24 OCTOBER 2018, 17h45 BST

October’s Full Moon takes place a day after the Sun’s ingress into mysterious and complicated Scorpio. In the northern hemisphere, this coincides with arrival of that quiet, wet period between late autumn and early winter when temperatures start to drop and plants begin to die off and decay, making it synonymous with soulful, introverted , R&R energy. However, this Ful Moon is likely to be anything but restful. Although the Moon will be in placid Taurus, don’t be fooled. It will also be orbiting very close to volatile and unpredictable Uranus, planet of shocks and surprises. The take-home story: this particular Full Moon is unlikely to conform to type. Read my Full Moon forecast below to learn more…


October’s Full Moon takes place in patient, earthy Taurus – a very different energy to last month’s Aries Full Moon.


Unlike fiery, action-oriented Aries, Taurus revels in the tactile pleasures of texture, the heady scents of flowers. This is a sign that is all about stopping to smell the roses! Taurus is also more than a little obsessed with acquiring things of beauty, including art, jewellery and beautiful clothing. In fact possessions and material security are terribly important to this sign, which is also known for a tendency to be territorial and possessive when it comes to loved ones.

Taurus is the first of the fixed signs, which makes it both reliable and stubborn. According to Marsilio Ficino:

The fixed signs in particular-that is, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio – furnish things that last.

And Taurus definitely prefers a good quality classic to something newfangled and faddish (unlike its neighbouring sign, Gemini!).  Quite sceptical by nature, Taureans are happy to walk the tried and tested path and frankly, can’t be bothered to reinvent the wheel – being Venus-ruled, this sign can be rather lazy. This is the sign most likely to say: ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, so this makes it quite a potent full moon, especially if you are keen to manifest something important. As the lady of birth, generation and growth, the Moon revels in this abundant sign, which the Sun usually occupies in late Spring when plants are displaying a lot of healthy green growth, and some are even flowering.

Venus rules this zodiac sign, which rules the neck, so it come as no surprise that it is associated both with singing and adornments such as jewellery. Creativity and social pleasures related to food are other typical Taurus-ruled activities, as are banking and farming.


The October Full Moon takes place in the 2nd degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for these are:

Taurus 2: An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.

Scorpio 2: A broken bottle and spilled perfume.


Lighting strikes, making things suddenly clear. I just love the way this symbol mirrors the blending of lunar and Uranian energies! Think emotional storms, shifts in your immediate environment, family drama etc Unexpected wake-up calls, especially related to health, family and food, are a distinct possibility over the next two weeks or so, as are earthquakes and food scares, I’m afraid to say. Uranus is unpredictable by nature, so there is no way of knowing if this combination of energies will bring about positive or negative developments.

Being fixed, Taurus can get a little stuck from time to time, so an injection of a little lightning may be what is required to jolt you out of old habits or unhealthy ruts. Change is healthy, if initially uncomfortable. It reflects the dynamic nature of the seasons and the movement of the planets, so if you are challenged by developments or circumstances beyond your control, then see this as a call to action.

Lightning here illuminates its immediate surroundings, so it is also possible that you may be gifted with sudden insights or realisations about how you truly feel, or the best way forward in tricky situations.

Other themes from the Sabian Oracle for this degree include:

Keywords: Reverence for the forces of nature. Loud cracks, flashes, and bangs that clear the air. Flashes of insight. Tension and its release. Electrical conductors. The sense that all hell is going to break loose. Short circuits of mind or emotions. Electricity failures. Crackling emotions. Flashes in quick succession. Bursts of energy. Light changing. Psychic clearing. Hot flushes. Surges.

The Caution: Being frozen in fear just when one needs to spur to action. Losing control. Being distracted by surroundings. Not being completely aware of all the potential dangers. Worry that overtakes and engulfs. Chaos in the brain. Nervous reactions. Things changing quickly. Brilliance that is quickly or easily lost. Power blackouts.


The image of a spilled or broken perfume bottle conjures up words such as ‘potency’, along with potions of all kinds, from elixirs of eternal beauty right through to the poison hidden in a perfume bottle which is thought to have killed the Skripals in Salisbury this summer. Perfume is highly concentrated and therefore powerfully evocative – it certainly isn’t neutral, much like the passionate and hypnotic sign of Scorpio. This suggests to me that you definitely will feel quite passionate about whatever happens now. I keep thinking of a quote by G.K. Chesterton in his wonderful sketch, ‘A Piece of Chalk’ when he says:

Virtue is not the absence of vice or the avoidance of moral dangers; virtue is a vivid and separate thing, like pain or a particular smell.

This symbol, then seems to be urging us to distil our emotions and experiences down to their very essence – to get to the nub or heart of things. Perhaps this is what is required if we are to realise what needs shifting or changing around this potentially turbulent time?

Smells are very Taurean so this pairing of the degrees of the Sun and Moon again seems very appropriate. They are also the sense most associated with memory, and it is highly likely, with the Sun less than 3 degrees away from a retrograde Venus in Scorpio, that what happens now may concern an encounter with, or reminder of, a person or emotionally charged situation from our past.

Grief and loss is another theme associated with this symbol – after all, the perfume bottle is spilled or broken, so we may also be forced to deal with the feelings of finality that come about after an irrevocable change.

Other keywords and themes include:

Keywords: The memory of things lingering on. Scents or smells that evoke reactions. The “cat let out of the bag”. The “genie let out of the bottle”. Dizziness. Passing out. Smelling salts. Liquids spilled. Anything broken or shattered. Accidents. The loss of something precious. Alcoholism. Biological and chemical weapons of all kinds. Being emotionally charged. Cracking up to crack open. The sound of breaking glass.

The Caution: Things looking good on the outside, but the contents disappointing. Spilling one’s guts. Things erupting suddenly. Injured or broken necks or backs. Envy and jealousy. Broken bones. Smelly remnants.


The Taurus Full Moon is likely to be surprisingly eventful, if not a little emotionally charged, thanks to a conjunction with Uranus.

Uranus is currently retrograde and heading for its final ingress into Aries in early November. Uranus is associated with the archangel Uriel, with sudden flashes of intuitive insight, but also with volatility and the unexpected, often quite destructive separations or shifts. It’s influence on this full moon could therefore be rather unsettling. Expect abrupt changes of heart, shocking revelations (especially concerning saucy secrets), unexpected emotional declarations and creative/financial developments that appear to come from left field.

The two planets contacting the luminaries at the Full Moon  – Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio, are both retrograde, so its possible that these two planets could bring a past love or unresolved personal/creative/financial situation back into your life for healing or clearing.

However, this scenario does not necessarily have to spell bad news or drama. In fact, Venus will be making a sextile to steady and mature Saturn right before the Sun-Moon opposition. This transit is all about constancy, loyalty and commitment in close relationships, finances and creative endeavours. ‘Building/creating something of value that stands the test of time’ might be one way to describe this astrological combination, as are collaborations or relationships between people of differing age gaps.

So the fruit from this particular full moon may, in fact, be far from bad: an unexpected marriage proposal, an unexpectedly generous commitment from a patron or mentor, or even a solid offer of work from an employer – these are equally possible around this time. Much will depend upon where Venus and Saturn (and Uranus) are currently located in your natal chart.

When emotions are running high, as they tend to be at full moon, it is easy to overreact. Given that you may feel blindsided by what happens, it may be a good idea to give yourself a little space before responding.

Whatever happens though, don’t panic. Instead, tune into the more steady and mature energy of the Venus-Saturn sextile. This transit is probably one of the most productive and constructive we have had in recent weeks, so use it to mine any gems from the past that are worth holding onto.


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