November 2018 Full Moon Forecast

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FULL MOON  in GEMINI, 23 NOV 2018, 05h40 GMT

This month’s Gemini Full Moon has the potential to turn into a bit of a drama, complete with wolves howling and the full-blown emotional mirages we associate with the Moon card in the tarot – if you let it. Why? Mainly due to its entanglement with Tuesday’s Mars-Jupiter square. (More on this below in the aspects section) which could churn up a few old wounds or fears. However, things needn’t be a complete disaster – provided you practise some airy detachment, reign in any knee jerk responses (especially those based on fear) and allow Fate to go to work on your behalf. 

November’s Full Moon takes place in lively and changeable Gemini – the trickster of the zodiac – which may give you a feel for what to expect. Although highly entertaining and witty, the sign of Gemini is also associated with used car salesmen and con artists. So it is interesting to me that the Native American Indians referred to November’s Moon as the Beaver Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac,

This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. …It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon.

With all the emphasis on potential traps and tricks, I feel it’s a good idea to warn everyone upfront to be on their guard and not allow themselves to get too carried away, either in haste or fear. There are likely to be a few mirages and shadow plays at work this week which could affect how we view life, especially in matters of the heart.

The trouble is that the planet governing this particular Full Moon is Mercury – and Mercury is not only retrograde at the moment but in the sign of its detriment – Sagittarius. This combination tends to create a tendency towards hyperbole, delusions of grandeur and over-stretched commitments. However, when negatively affected it can also lead to catastrophizing and hysteria  – something to be particularly aware of, given the influence of Mars in illusory Pisces.

Which brings me to the next factor affecting the energy around the Full Moon – this week’s Mars-Jupiter square. Although it does have the potential to bring on a dose of false optimism – even foolhardiness – which could push us into taking premature action, it’s also possible that its contacts to the luminaries, Mercury and the Jupiter could also lead to knee-jerk reactions born out of confusion, self-protection and/or fear.

So forewarned is forearmed. Rather than allow this Full Moon to become a time of hasty decisions and ill-thought-through actions that we could end up regretting at leisure, my advice is to pause, remain open and consider. (More on this in the Sabian symbols section)

As we will see in the aspects section, there is, in fact, cause to be optimistic long term. However, we do need to tread with caution in the short term. There are a few cosmic clouds on the horizon that need to be negotiated first before we can see ahead more clearly.


As a Moon sign, Gemini can make for people who are often extroverted and emotionally excitable – think fun and bubbly. Most require a good deal of mental stimulation and verbal exchange, as well as regular variation in their routine in order to feel happy. According to Skyscript:

Gemini is a sign of endless curiosity driven by an instinct to explore. But they are characterised by ‘breadth’ not ‘depth’, so their explorations often lack focus and deep penetration. They are better suited to absorbing ‘just enough’ of a wide variety of topics, which adds to their reputation as fine conversationalists.

However, one thing you can definitely say for Moon Gemini’s – they aren’t intense, obsessive or moody, so if you prefer someone who is lighthearted and doesn’t sweat the small stuff emotionally, then they make great company. Instead, as James Burgess describes, when the Moon is in Gemini:

Moods are erratic – from introverted self-contemplation to shallow gossiping – yet always uniting intellect and intuition with slick alacrity

The key to understanding them is to realize that Gemini is an air sign, and so is more emotionally detached than water signs. As such, they can be a little distant, not terribly emotionally demonstrative and sometimes a little fickle. On the plus side, though, they don’t get too swept away by the heavy currents of feeling, which as the Buddhists remind us, can be a blessing sometimes. And indeed, as we will witness with this month’s Full Moon Sabian symbols, this quality of detached observation (mindfulness anyone?) could turn out to be our saving grace this week.

Gemini is the second of the mutable signs, which makes it both adaptable and changeable – not a bad trait to have in time of stress and change. This is a Mercury-ruled sign, so of course there is a love of trends and shopping  – this sign loves to befriend the neighbourhood shopkeeper or local postman. In anatomical terms, Gemini is one of the dual signs, and so rules the arms. Perhaps at this time, a sign of what one is prepared to ‘carry’ emotionally, including baggage?…


The November Full Moon takes place in the very 1st degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. Some of the ancient astrologers believed that the first and last degrees of any sign were especially powerful, while others such as Ibn Ezra, felt that planets were at their weakest here.

The Sabian Symbols for these degrees are:

Gemini 1: A glass-bottomed boat drifts over under-sea wonders.

Sagittarius 1: A grand army of the republic campfire.


James Burgess sums up this degree as follows:

Inquisitiveness keeps us prepared for the unannounced calls of fate

The idea being that the glass-bottomed boat (symbolic of a detached but alert form of observation or curiosity) allows us to get a glimpse of the wonders that lie at a deeper level on the stillness of the ocean floor – beneath the waves of our emotions. In other words, those still, quiet constants that keep us emotionally anchored/centred, despite any temporary surface disturbances.

The key here seems to be a kind of mindfulness or meditative detachment that enables us to see through the obvious/everyday and observe things we might otherwise miss because we are too caught up with the temporary currents of life, or in the cauldron of our surface emotions, which can feel very intense but which more often than not, pass.

Given that this degree represents the very beginning of the sign, we get the sense of situations which are in their infancy – and therefore too premature to act on. Nonetheless,  there is certain an advantage in becoming aware of seed moments/ unfolding developments. Thus, Burgess adds:

Indecisiveness – an inability to strike quick and true – is a poor excuse for a life half-lived. Yet some of these occurrences are really of no concern to us and we are well advised to hold a position of poise. Anyway, simply observing with an objective inactivity has real value.

So what this Sabian symbol seems to be telling us is to practise being mindful and aware but remaining poised enough to know when the time has come to act. And, as we will see when we look at the key Mars aspects associated with this Full Moon, the key is knowing when to strike: sometimes the iron needs to reach the right temperature first…

Lynda Hill offers us a few other ways to look at this particular degree in her Sabian Oracle:

Keywords: Being able to see “within” to forms that are not usually observed by others. Clairvoyance. Observance of psychic phenomena. Connecting with the collective unconscious. Spiritual gifts that enlarge ones perspective. Amusement and wonder at natural beauty. Glass, lenses, refractions of light. Panoramic views. Water. Boats. Vehicles of discovery.

The Caution: Putting up barriers of social safety to avoid involvement in deep emotions. Overemphasis on safety concerns. Watching things from a distance, leading to separation and estrangement. Looking in the wrong direction. Cool, detached attitudes.


Jupiter and it’s sign, Sagittarius, are very much about seeing the bigger picture and in the Sabian symbol for the first degree of this zodiac sign, we are faced with the theme of memory and tradition, and the gifts or wisdom that come from the past. Reminiscing and sharing stories around the camp fire is a very ancient ritual – one that encourages us to revisit old memories, both personal and cultural, in an attempt to find similarities to the present.

That is why James Burgess summarises the wisdom of this degree as follows:

What went before can give useful insight into what is to come.

Perhaps it is coincidence, but as I mentioned in my November New Moon forecast, Jupiter is once again back in the sign of Sagittarius – a place in the zodiac it hasn’t occupied since December 2006-7. Given how stark the shift is from the optimistic archer to the austerity and conservatism of Capricorn, and what happened after the global crash of 2007-8, which has had massive repercussions for the world in the following decade, it seems worth paying attention to the 2018 ingress.

It is hard not to remember how profoundly the last Jupiter affected many people, so it seems important to consider the current Jupiter ingress in the light of the past, and ask if somehow we can improve or do better this time around.

Evolution isn’t always linear – in astrology, we know that things work in cycles. This circular motion can also be seen as a spiral, the idea being that every time a planet revisits a sign, it does so from a higher vantage point. Much as we do when we revisit a situation and grow or learn from it. At this Full Moon, it’s possible that a theme or thread from your past may return,  giving you another crack at the whip, so pay attention. Perhaps this time around, you can choose to do things differently?

Other keywords and themes include:

Keywords: Masculine domains. Understanding the individual’s needs and idealistic struggles. Moratoriums and calls for peace. Past life memories of fellowship. Prisoners of war. Memorials to war. Bringing up painful memories in the hope of sharing understanding and healing. Tears of the past. Being confronted by memories. School, and other, reunions. Talking over strategies. Finding comrades. Brothers and sisters.

The Caution: Being unable to let go of the past. Exaggerating past successes to justify current strategies. Excluding others as being “unworthy”, having not experienced the struggle or pain. Going over things from the past and never letting them go. Boasting and glorifying. Identities that belong in the past.


Despite taking place in airy Gemini, the November Full Moon could turn out to be surprisingly revelatory and even a touch dramatic. That’s because it keys into this week’s Mars-Jupiter square, which takes place in mutable signs.

Although Jupiter in Sagittarius certainly has the potential to bring about silver linings, Mars in Pisces may be in too much of a rush (and at the same time, a little too muddled) to make good, clear, well-thought-out decisions.

At the Full Moon, both the Sun and Moon will be square to Mars from different parts of the zodiac, forming a T-square. Mars is in Pisces – not exactly a natural fit.  As I mentioned earlier, when occupying ‘feminine’/receptive signs, Mars tends to make people defensive, evasive and often overly protective of their own position.

Mars will be hovering close to the fixed star, Fomalhaut, which has a bit of a mixed influence. This is a star associated with both the nemesis and the Archangel Gabriel (the angel of revelation, intuition and the wisdom of the heart): talk about extremes! Some of the ancient astrologers saw the combination of Mars and Fomalhaut as leading to an outpouring of passion, but equally as a star combination associated with delusion and mistreatment. So, again, lots of potential for mistakes and confusion.

The only saving grace here is that Mars will be parallel (similar to a conjunction) to Spica, which is an extremely auspicious star associated with the ear of grain in the constellation of Virgo. We know what a central symbol this was to the Demeter and Persephone cults! Think the Empress in the tarot deck = abundance, fertility, nourishment. So some amazing potential for things to either go spectacularly well or horribly wrong…

Given that both the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury will be forming a stellium in opposition to the Moon – and that Mercury is currently retrograde – there is definitely the potential for misunderstandings and poor decision-making,  on one hand. On the other, this time also offers up the possibility of experiencing some important realizations, especially about past situations. So it’s not all bad news.

For one thing, it’s hard to ignore the mystic rectangle created between Jupiter, the Nodes and the luminaries. My feeling about this is that Fate may have certain plans for us now – ones that override what we may think we should – or ought – to do. After all, let’s not forget James Burgess’ advice in relation to Gemini 1’s Sabian symbol above – pay attention to the unannounced calls of Fate. This is especially likely to be valid if the nodes (or the luminaries) contact any of your personal chart points. If so, then things could turn out surprisingly well, even if you think things are going to be a complete disaster. A little faith – and a look at what lies beneath any current surface churning – seems to be what is needed to navigate this particular stretch of emotional sea…

Furthermore, Mars will be within orb of a sextile to steadying Saturn, which should help to stabilize some of the volatility and impetuousness associated with this T-square. Here I am thinking particularly of needless worries or fears – Neptune-ruled Pisces can have that effect – making us see enemies and dangers where none exist…This aspect will only perfect on the 27th though  – something to bear in mind before taking any massive leaps of faith. Ideally, wait until next week when any chimera clouding your vision will have cleared and you are on the astrological home straight.

Overall then, this Full Moon offers us an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and do things differently, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The key is to practise a little detachment, and not become a slave to your emotions and impulses, especially those born from fear and anger. Keep an eye on the bigger picture, see the hidden thread of wisdom and growth buried within key situations and then, if you can’t trust yourself not to act from a place of clarity and centredness, choose to wait and see what happens. Instead, let Destiny take it’s course.  You may not be able to see the bigger plan right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one  – it’s probably just that it hasn’t fully come into view yet.

Next week, when the Sun joins with Jupiter (26th) and Mars sextiles Saturn (27th), you will be freer to act without fear of possible negative repercussions. So sit tight and have faith – this too shall pass. Happier times are ahead, I promise.

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