February 2019 Supermoon in Virgo

February’s Full Moon in Virgo is also a Supermoon = Full Moon++!

This particular lunar phase carries a restless and excitable charge to it, due to a stimulating connection between the luminaries & revolutionary planet Uranus. This Full Moon occurs during a week packed with powerful transits designed to help us all make positive personal changes and rid ourselves of unhealthy habits – for good!

Virgo is very good at being organised, tidy and helping others to keep on track with their schedules etc In other words, ‘getting it together’. And indeed, these qualities are going to be vital over the next few weeks if we are to make something of our Neptunian dreams and schemes…Something that is entirely possible if we can find a way to combine the idealistic and inspirational energy of Pisces (where the Sun and Mercury are currently based) with the down to earth, pragmatic and future-orientated modus operandi of Capricorn – the zodiac sign through which Saturn and Pluto are touring.

The key to doing so may well lie in being inventive whilst also being both practical and willing to embrace change – qualities embodied in the signature of this particular Full Moon.

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