Brace yourself for Mercury Retrograde!

Today Mercury stations, ready for its first retrograde spell for 2019 which will run from 6-29 March. This particular one begins on the same day as the New Moon in Pisces and also coincides with the ingress of Uranus into Taurus – quite a seminal (and liminal) day when a lot is likely to remain up in the air. ⁣

Traditionally, Mercury is detrimented in Pisces (it is exalted in precise and orderly Virgo which sits opposite Pisces on the zodiac wheel) , so this one could really mess with your head if you allow your fears, insecurities & morbid imagination to take over. ⁣

The good news is that most of the confusion and mix-ups this one causes will be largely self-inflicted. Going with the flow, surrendering to not knowing and mental self-discipline will be essential if you’re to emerge from this one unscathed. ⁣

The question is whether you can get yourself to slow down and let go of your inner control freak. Consider this a test of your faith in the inherent goodness of the cosmos. ⁣

My advice: watch a re-run of ‘Life is Beautiful’ and go off grid for a bit. You may rediscover your connection to something truly magical if you do, especially if the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Pisces is anything to go by.

Remember: Mercury retrograde is not inherently malefic, so have a little faith. Sometimes we all need to hit the pause button, reboot, regroup and re-imagine what outcomes we’d like to manifest in our lives. Consider this one of those times.

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