New Moon in Pisces

March’s New Moon in Pisces is a wonderfully liminal – and magical – affair. Occurring on the same day that Uranus switches signs and Mercury changes direction, this particular start to the March lunar cycle has a mysterious and mutable Neptunian quality to it that calls on us to retreat a little from the material world, have a little faith in the inherent goodness of the cosmos and surrender to what occurs between now and the Equinox Full Moon.

Mercury will be retrograde for the entire waxing moon phase, covering the path ahead in mists and confusion, which could lead to the odd freak out or moment of insecurity. However, the core message of this New Moon seems to be that appearances are deceptive: even if nothing seems to be happening on the surface of things, or we don’t have all the facts at our disposal, we need to trust that everything is at it should be and just let go.

Why? An stabilising and subtly effective configuration of planets in earth and water signs at the New Moon suggest that synchronicity and serendipity will be hard at work behind the scenes over the next two weeks to bring events to an unexpectedly positive conclusion aroudn the time of the Spring Equinox on March 21st.

So if we can bring ourselves to resist the promptings of our inner control freak and go with the flow during the upcoming disarray and uncertainty of Mercury retrograde (6-29 March), then things will probably work out far better than we could have planned – or hoped for.

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