It’s a Boy for Harry & Meghan!

The Arabic Parts turned out to be the clincher when it came to predicting the gender of Meghan and Harry’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Something to bear in mind for next time around, although predictions of this nature are always going to be a little hit and miss, especially if one isn’t in full possession of all the facts.

Now that he is finally here (albeit a little on the late side) it’s time to look at his natal chart to see what the stars can tell us about his personality.

Although a double Taurus, making him seem very placid and docile, he shares the strong Mars-Jupiter and Pluto signatures of many of the royals, which suggest that although very private, this child definitely won’t be a push-over. A packed 12th house points to sensitive and possibly secretive side. I suspect he will be boisterous but introverted the way Prince George is.

A very prominent rising Uranus, which is conjunct Mercury suggests that he is likely to be tech savvy, progressive and passionate about issues such as the environment, food and diversity/identity politics. He is also likely to have striking looks or an unusual identity which set him apart from all the other royals – a trend that already started with his birth and name.

Find out more in my latest post on the Astro-Insights blog.

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