May’s Full Moon: Heightened Emotions & Unexpected Twists

Homecomings, finding where you belong or reclaiming something you feel you lost (a piece of yourself or your heart?)  are key themes of the Sabian symbol highlighted by this weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon.

Certainly, the potential for healing and closure, especially in relation to past situations, is there, provided you’re able to be honest without feeling the need to overreact or be overly defensive.

A Mercury-Pluto trine in the hours before the Full Moon could bring hidden truths out from the shadows, allowing the truth to emerge – great for resolving misunderstandings and short-circuiting attempts by others to exert control via subtle manipulation or covert sabotage.

However, the energy around this particular lunar phase is quite intense and unpredictable, care of a Venus-Uranus conjunction due to take place on the same day. Unexpected curveballs could throw you off guard, making it tricky to stay centred and not be emotionally thrown.

Still, surprise endings and unexpected twists aren’t always a bad thing, especially where the planet of love, beauty and pleasure is concerned!…

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