June’s New Moon: Learning to Cope in the Spotlight

June’s New Moon in Gemini serves as a catalyst, launching us into a much more public time when we may become more socially active or be unwittingly thrust into the spotlight, perhaps due to a particular skill, talent or set of circumstances.

The Sabian symbol for this particular Gemini Moon suggests that we are moving into a period that is all about finding or sharing our innate talents and gifts with a wider audience, finding our niche within group settings and generally learning to handle the added responsibilities and personal trials that come with playing a larger role within the collective.

Tests of merit, grit or resilience, especially in terms of how we are seen, viewed or judged by others, may come as part of the territory, thanks to a Venus-Pluto trine – and the ongoing squares between Jupiter and Neptune that serve as a backdrop to events throughout most of 2019. However, if you can stand in your truth and remain aligned with your core values, then you should come out smiling …

Pluto is also about self-empowerment, so remember this: if others try to control or manipulate you; deliberately hurt, embarrass, shame or alienate you publicly; or are unable to support or celebrate your growth and success, then they don’t truly have your best interests at heart, no matter what they might claim.

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to shed some unhealthy emotional habits or toxic attachments along the road towards greater self-mastery and belonging within the greater scheme of things.

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