Jupiter square Neptune: Managing Beliefs & Expectations

This weekend we’re likely to see a repeat of the challenges and struggles many of us faced back on January 13th when Jupiter squares Neptune for a second time.

Adding to the cosmic turbulence will be Mercury and Mars, who will be see-sawing between trines to Neptune one minute, and oppositions to no-nonsense Saturn the next.

The upshot: it may be important to try and manage unrealistic expectations, unhelpful or overly judgemental attitudes and self-defeating beliefs.

Minimising/Diminishing will Paradoxically Bring about Increase

In general, expect to feel quite conflicted when it comes to ethical/spiritual dilemmas. The I Ching advises people to minimise excess (both in themselves and others) in order to realise benefits. This could mean having to make a sacrifice or give something up. If it’s your pride, a tendency to be too selfish or self-indulgent or a vehement belief or attitude that no longer serves you, then all well and good – choosing to open your mind, eat humble pie or ‘man up’ could lead to some surprisingly positive outcomes. Saturn is ultimately about reducing what doesn’t work and doing what is required to fix structures or situations that currently aren’t working properly.

However, it’s also possible that you may need to adjust your expectations when it comes to other people or situations, especially if they tend to be big on promises but short on delivery. Jupiter and Neptune are both super idealistic, and placed in their own signs, the tendency to see the world (and other people) through rose-tinted specs tends to get magnified. Add to that a mutable square and we’re looking at situations where placing too much faith or trust in empty claims or promises could lead to disillusionment, regret or loss.

While a large part of us may want to overlook certain negatives and take a leap of faith in the hope that everything will ultimately work out (which is certainly a possibility, given the trines to Neptune on Fri/Sat from Mercury and Mars), Saturn will be demanding we get real about what this may entail on a practical level. Saturn is the Hard Taskmaster, and like a stern father figure, he will be insisting on nothing less than honesty, maturity, self-discipline, commitment and a willingness to put in the time and effort required in order to overcome any potential pitfalls created by personal weakness, confusion or wishful thinking.

It’s fair to say that people could mean well, but if they don’t heed Saturn’s caveats, then this is not likely to amount to very much. Instead, what we’ll probably witness is flakiness, moral ambiguity, immaturity, a lack of respect for people’s boundaries, pushiness, manipulative behaviour and/or overly self-righteous or judgmental views. As the saying goes, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

One very quick way to avoid disappointment is simply to lower your expectations about people – or to be very clear about what your expectations are – and then being willing to walk away if people unfairly try to force you to compromise.

An alternative is simply to hold off on any important investments of your time, money or energy until you’ve done your due diligence and know that you’re betting on a sure thing. Trust is likely to be a big issue, and whenever Neptune is negatively aspected, it’s difficult to know who/what exactly you can rely on, including your own judgement.

If you are confused, simply allow yourself to sit with the situation/dilemma without judging it or feeling compelled to react and then wait until things become clear – something that’s not likely to happen until June 18 when Neptune sextiles Saturn.

Martyrs, Victims and the Power of Forgiveness

This transit is also associated with martyrs and victims, so expect this theme to constellate now. Someone recently gave me some good advice on the topic of forgiveness, which I think has relevance right now – and that is that as long as you remain angry with somebody, you continue to give away your power and turn yourself into a victim.

Rather than wait for an apology that may never be forthcoming, you can choose to let go of the hurt and pain, mine the experience for important lessons – thereby turning lead into gold – and then move on with your life. In this way, the situation becomes a source of wisdom and strength, and not a gaping wound that just gets compounded over time by other hurts. Here’s the link for anyone who is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBjm7AGBdsQ

Good luck during this tricky and confusing time! I hope you manage to conquer a few demons…!

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