July Lunar Eclipse: Cutting the Ties that Bind

July’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn is likely to be an intense affair. With the Moon and Pluto joining forces close to the south node, it’s time to purge yourself of old fears, limiting behaviours and past traumas – anything that has been holding you back and preventing you from living your best life.

With Mercury retrograde, it’s also possible that revelations or events that occur around the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse could finally bring something hidden or hushed-up to light. These could have links to events that occurred back in 2001 or 2006 – the last time we had eclipses from this particular Saros family.

Rather than shy away from what you discover, bring it into the light for clearing and releasing. That way, it can’t continue to control you from the shadows or leave you open to abuse/emotional blackmail. In many ways, this eclipse is about ridding ourselves of huge emotional burdens – stuff you may have been carrying around since childhood. Anything that has you stuck in the past or which is holding you back has to go. So be brave, light the match and burn it down.

On the plus side, the potential to make dramatic evolutionary leaps and psychological breakthroughs is enormous. This is healing and karmic releasing on steriods. The key is bravery, honesty and the determination to overcome inner resistance to growth or healing.

Being a grown-up and not allowing yourself to be a victim is also important. The less self-indulgent we are at this time, the faster our recovery is likely to be – and ironically, the more support we can expect to receive from loved ones. Indeed, the irony of the current astrology is that the more we put in emotional boundaries and become less reliant on others, the greater our joy, happiness and sense of connection with loved ones is likely to become.

The upshot: It’s time to let of outdated patterns and self-defeating behaviour and come fully into your personal power! 

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