Swallow your Pride: New Moon in Leo

New chapters in the love, money, health and creativity departments are all possible this month, care of a New Moon in Leo, which takes place very close to Venus on Thursday at 04:11am BST.

However, revolutionary Uranus will also add an unpredictable air to proceedings. As it takes turns to contact all the personal planets in Leo throughout August, don’t be surprised if situations crop up that confound you to the point where you are forced to swallow your pride and make some radical personal paradigm shifts. Change is very much the name of the game this month. Fortunately, with Uranus now in Taurus, this should prove to be a much more gradual, gentle affair than Uranus in Aries was.

Part of this process may involve a willingness to revision the past (including old wounds/subconscious patterns) or see things from a different pespective. This is thanks to Mercury, which stations at the New Moon before retracing its steps back through caring Cancer into noble Leo. Further developments or revelations around past situations that still hold an emotional charge for you/your family are possible during this transition period.

As a result of all this cosmic turbulance, it may be some time before the dust settles and you can see what to think/do for the best or who you can rely on. The good news is that the more we open ourselves up to new people, places, paradigms and possibilities during this four week period, the more confident, joyful and radiant we will become. So don’t be afraid of your cracks – they let the light in!

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