Sturgeon Full Moon: Swimming in Potential

August’s Sturgeon Moon will have us diving into the deep waters of the sub-conscious, or at least becoming more aware of its role and influence in our lives – as well as the massive potential this inner reservoir of psychic and emotional energy has to help us create the life we desire, if harnessed correctly.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon urges us to combine our instinctive and spiritual natures so that we can create healthier habits and more fulfilling relationships for ourselves in the future.

Part of this process may involve shedding some emotional baggage so that we don’t keep unconciously self-sabotaging. With Mercury also trine Chiron, this is the perfect time to heal any painful memories or past traumas that may have begun to surface into our conscious awareness during Mercury’s recent retrograde spell, which also happened to include a powerful lunar eclipse.

Many of the themes begun at the Leo New Moon, which set off the dance between the Sun, Moon Venus and Uranus, will also reach a peak, so look back to the themes raised at the beginning of August for clues as to what may transpire now.

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