Tomorrow’s Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo sets off a week-long chain of trines to Uranus in the build-up to the Virgo New Moon (30th), during which we really can make some pivotal personal shifts – if we choose to.

This is focused, precise and productive earth energy, so if you’re serious about self-improvement or want to be of service to the planet, then seize the moment! If you were wanting to finally get your sh*t together, then consider this your green light – with bells on! You really can do a lot to fix/improve situations and yourself – especially your health/schedule – if you’re prepared to focus on what needs your attention and/or help .

Virgo is ultra focused and efficient, while Taurus is sensible but fruitful, which means that whatever seeds you plant are likely to take root in a major way, especially if you build these plans into whatever initiatives you choose to begin at New Moon.

Changes made now will have major ripple effects, both into the past and the future, so think clearly about what intentions you’d like to set for September because August’s second New Moon also promises to be super charged with Virgo energy, thanks to a stellium in the early degrees of this sign. Remember too, that Uranus is retrograde, so if you do want to rewind the clock and right a few wrongs or rewrite od stories/life scripts, this is your perfect opportunity.

See this week as the moment we have been working towards all month, so don’t waste it. For a recap of where this all started, read my Leo New Moon overview (or subscribe now to read the in-depth forecast)

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