Mercury-Mars: Doing things differently

Today Mercury and Mars meet up for the first time since their high voltage hookup post-eclipse on July 8. A lot has happened in the interim, so it’s possible that this meeting in earthy, pragmatic Virgo may bring with it some important news, developments or realisations that prompt you into taking decisive action.

Part of this may involve making conscious choices about acting/reacting differently to the way you might’ve done in the past, epecially in relation to any fresh insights or developments that arise between now and the equinox. Will you revert to type and allow old subconscious patterns to be triggered again, or will you prove to yourself (and others) just how much you’ve grown?

Mercury is exalted in sensible and hyper-aware Virgo, meaning you have a real opportunity to cut through any Jupiter-Neptune uncertainty/ambiguity and act from a place of heightened self-awareness and focused intention.

Maya Angelou once wisely said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Will you choose to do things differently this time?

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