Astrological Profile of Boris Johnson

In keeping with his rather colourful personality, Boris Johnson’s first few weeks in office have not been without incident, or controversy – a trend that seems likely to continue into the autumn as the spectre of Brexit and a potential Halloween No Deal grows ever larger on the horizon.

Given how crucial the next few months is for the UK and what’s at stake, it seems fair to ask whether the 55th Prime Minister of Great Britain is made of the strong stuff needed to navigate the country safely through the choppy waters ahead. (Think ominous Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020…)

Although a big personality, always ready with a witty line or comic expression, those who know him well describe him as a complicated, rather private person who is very different to his public persona.

A quadruple Gemini with a prominent Pluto and Scorpio Moon, it’s hardly surprising to hear that there are two sides to his character: on the one hand, the bumbling, kind and disarming Bojo the clown; and on the other, Boris the Schemer, full of cunning (or is it Cummings?) tricks and political sleights of hand, determined to win at any cost, and who never forgets a personal slight.  

So which one will the UK get to see in office? I thought it a good opportunity to take a closer look at his natal chart to see what clues it can yield…

Head over to my post on the Astro-Insights Blog to find out…

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