Emotional Turning Point: The Pisces Full Moon

Taking place a week or so before the last pass of 2019’s tricksy Jupiter-Neptune square, the Pisces Full Moon promises to be an emotional, possibly confusing time. Expect to feel all the feels. However, try not to go overboard – less is more now, especially when it comes to your boundaries.

Temptation won’t be very far away, so you’ll need to be on your guard not to repeat the traps many of us fell into in January and June during the first two passes of this devilishly tricksy transit.

In many ways, this particular Full Moon represents a psychological turning point: With the luminaries making positive transits to powerful Pluto, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of you find yourselves at a karmic crossroads.

The question is: Will you have the strength to leave behind the past and move on decisively? Or, will your resolve weaken, leaving you vulnerable to the toxic people or situations you have been trying to heal from?

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