Full Moon in Aries: Turning Things Around

Healthy forms of conflict, healing crises and making peace with the past are all likely to be major themes at the Aries Full Moon.

In many ways, this may feel like an emotional low-point, but really, when you look a little closer, you will find that it actually contains within it the seeds of a brand new way of handling conflict, asserting your needs and dealing with difficult emotions.

Both the Sun and Moon will be squaring transformative Pluto, so we’re definitely talking about major healing shifts and emotional turning points. However this may mean getting real and facing up to emotions/experiences we usually feel ashamed about, such as sex, jealousy, anger, selfishness or bullying of some kind.

For some, there may also be a karmic element to dynamics that are activated now, especially within family and close relationships.

The key to doing so will be to cultivate a tolerant and respectful mindset – one that anticipates positive outcomes and is willing to rise above the ego in order to resolve problems and heal from past pain.

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