Taurus Full Moon: Making the Invisible, Visible.

Tomorrow’s Taurus Full Moon is all about making the invisible, visible.

The luminaries, together with several key planets, form a nexus point between past (Sun-Mercury), present (Moon) and future (Mars-Jupiter).

Revelations, secrets and aha moments concerning the past (Mercury retrograde) come to light, helping to free you from old ghosts and make important internal paradigm shifts.

At the same time, some confident and expansive ‘can-do’ energy from Mars & Jupiter, urges us onwards and upwards. Like the Chariot in the tarot deck, this energy is telling us to sezie the day.

With so much Pluto/Scorpio energy around, the theme is one of healing, redemption, and abundance.

Its time to take some major evolutionary leaps forward – and concentrate our energies on turning resolutions into reality. Get ready to shift paradigms and make some life changing decisions.

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