Jupiter Ingress!

On Monday 2 December, Jupiter will ingress into determined and pragmatic Capricorn for a year-long stay. This hasn’t happened for 12 years, so is quite a big deal. The last time Jupiter was here was between Dec 2007 and Jan 2009, so you may want to think back to that period in order to find parallels with now.

Your beliefs, long term goals, philosophical bent and future plans are likely to switch:

  • From expansion/freedom at any cost to careful, calculated risk-taking
  • From ‘give it a whirl’ take the plunge and see what happens to careful and consistent mastery
  • and from amateur level to pro.

Hiring the services of an expert or finding a sponsor/mentor who can help you to take your plans/skills/ambitions to the next level is a wise move under this transit.

Learning to expand within the limits of system/rules/the law is also likely to be another big theme.

This is about walking the fine line between expansion and contraction, between freedom and limits, between more and less. For once with Jupiter, bigger won’t always be better. Think more in terms of a mature, classy, understated vibe.

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