Jupiter into Capricorn

On Monday 2 December 2019, Jupiter will ingress into determined and pragmatic Capricorn for a year-long stay. This hasn’t happened for 12 years, so is quite a big deal. The last time Jupiter was here was between Dec 2007 and Jan 2009, so you may want to think back to that period in order to find parallels with now.

Is it time for your Jupiter Return?

For those born in 1948/9, 1960/1, 1972/3, 1985/6, 1996/7, 2007-9, this ingress marks the year of your Jupiter Return! Unlike the Saturn Return, this one is all about luck and expansion. If you’re one of these, then enjoy.

Overall Themes

For everyone else, the focus is likely to switch:

  • From expansion/freedom at any cost to considered action and calculated risk-taking – doing your research and assessing the bigger picture/future consequences before making your move could really pay off now
  • From ‘let’s jump right in and figure things out as we go along’, we switch to careful and consistent mastery when it comes to achieving your ambitions – again, this is less about trial and error and more about expending less effort to get where you want to go by learning from others who’ve already ‘been there and done that’ – working smart, not hard and not trying to reinvent the wheel
  • From amateur level to pro. Taking your goals seriously will help you to convince others that you mean business too. Hiring the services of an expert or finding a sponsor/mentor who can help you to take your skills/ambitions to the next level is a wise move under this transit.

This is about walking the fine line between expansion and contraction, enthusiasm and realism, and between idealism and pragmatism. For once with Jupiter, bigger won’t always be better. This is more of a classy, understated, ‘less is more’ vibe. It’s also more mature and considered. It’s also about integrity – walking your talk and working out which beliefs and ideals you can actually live by.

Emphasizing the Need for Social Change & Gobal Reform?

On a global level, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Jupiter will be joining Saturn and Pluto, the lords of time and karma, who have been slowly working their way through Capricorn for the past few years towards a conjunction.

Now, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury are set to join them around the time of the lunar eclipse in mid-January. This likely to be a major turning point for many people, as well as for the world’s political systems and power structures.

Expect this event is likely to continue the themes that came to the fore at the time of the Saturn-Pluto squares we experienced back in 2009-10, which also coincided with a series of transits that became known amongst astrologers as the Cardinal Event, punctuated by several eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, in 2009 and 2010. These centered around changes to the structure of both society and the nuclear family, particularly as people began to wake up to the growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots, between those in positions of power and those who were supposed to be protecting and serving them.

Now, with Jupiter set to join the party, one of two things could happen: Jupiter could either amplify and accelerate this Tower/Death/World energy already set in motion by Saturn and Pluto. Or, it could ameliorate it – showing us the true meaning of these occurences and how to go about improving the situation for the highest good of all. Most likely, it is going to force many people to let go of beliefs or perspectives that may no longer be serving them, or the planet.

I will be doing a separate post on this topic in the near future, as this is a whole topic on it’s own. For now, though, expect the period from the winter solstice onwards to be one of increased seriousness and intensity. New Year’s resolutions for 2020 may need more consideration than usual.

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